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Modi government has ended these traditions related to the budget, Halwa Ceremony and Rail Budget are also included in the list.

Photo: PTI Modi government has ended these traditions related to the budget

The budget is called the account of the country’s economy. Since independence, the central government presents the budget every year in February, but since independence, many traditions followed regarding the budget have come to an end. Halwa Ceremony, one of these traditions, was not held last year. However, the reason behind this was said to be the sudden growth of Omicron. Tell me, if you see the record of the last 8 years of Modi government, then the government has given tribute to many traditions.

end of halwa ceremony

The latest example of change in traditions is the Halwa Ceremony. Every year this ceremony is celebrated at the beginning of the printing of the budget. In this, pudding is prepared in a big pan in the ministry itself. You must have also seen pictures of many finance ministers twirling the ladle. After this, the officials of the Ministry of Finance are locked in the ministry for about 10 days. This is done to make the budget confidential, which was not the case last year. It is expected that this ceremony will be done this time.

red ledger instead of leather briefcase

The tradition of presenting the budget in a leather briefcase was going on even before independence. You will find photos of Manmohan Singh, P Chidambaram, Yashwant Sinha to Arun Jaitley carrying leather bags on Google. But from 2019 onwards, Nirmala Sitharaman instead presented the budget as a ledger wrapped in red cloth.

Offering Paperless Budget

With the advent of Corona, many major changes took place in the country. We have moved fast into the digital age. Meanwhile, the budget also became digital i.e. paperless budget. This affected the printing of the budget. After 2021, in 2022 also the budget will be shared in digital form only. There will be very less budget printing. It will also be made available through a mobile app. Union Budget Mobile App is available for this.

change budget date

Since independence, it was a tradition to present the budget on the last date of February. In such a situation, the budget was presented on 28 or 29 February, but in view of the administrative challenges, in 2017, the Modi government changed the dates of the budget. Since then, the budget has been presented every year on the first of February.

Merger of railway budget with general budget

Since independence, there has been a tradition of presenting the Railway Budget before the General Budget. The Railway Budget was presented by the Railway Minister a day before the General Budget. But in 2017, the 92 year old tradition also broke. Since then, the Railway Budget was made a part of the General Budget. From 2017 onwards, major announcements of the Rail Budget are read in the General Budget itself.

The budget was presented at 5 pm

Not only the date of presentation of the budget has changed, but the time of presentation of the budget has also been changed. Although this change happened during the Atal government. Till the year 2000, the general budget was presented at 5 pm. In fact, during the British rule, the Indian budget was also heard in the House Commons of London. In view of the convenience of the MPs there, the timing of the budget was kept in the evening, but in 2001 this stain of British rule was washed away and the budget started being presented at 11 am.

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