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Sunday, July 14th, 2024

Miracle of science! The patient was in Rohini hospital and the surgeon performed the operation from Gurugram

New Delhi : Call it science or miracle, surgeons from Gurugram successfully operated on a patient admitted in a hospital in Rohini, Delhi. A team of doctors from Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Center (RGCIRC) in Rohini used the first indigenous surgical robot ‘Mantra’. Telesurgery was successfully performed for the first time. Fiber-optic cable played an important role in using this system. This is because a reliable connection was necessary between the doctor and the robot, which were located about 40 km from each other. The entire surgical process lasted for one hour and 45 minutes. This surgery was done from Gurgaon, away from the patient’s hospital.

The wonder of surgical robot ‘Mantra’

In this, the surgeon controlled the robotic instrument through the console. Meanwhile, the patient stayed at RGCIRC and was taken care of by the local medical staff present in the hospital during the entire operation. Doctors claimed that this complex surgery was done for the first time in India. The 52-year-old patient from Delhi was suffering from urinary bladder cancer and his/her operation was done by surgeon Dr SK Rawal. Dr Rawal is also the medical director of the cancer institute. he/she also gave an update on the patient’s health after the surgery. Dr Rawal said that the patient is completely fine and is recovering fast.

Surgeon from Gurugram operated on the patient in Rohini

Dr. SK Rawal said that this surgical robot made in India has the potential to revolutionize access to healthcare in small towns and remote places. With these robots, skilled surgeons can perform operations even in remote places. he/she said that these surgical robots can successfully provide high quality care to patients in ‘C class cities, war or space’. This technology eliminates the need for physical presence of experts. With these robots made in India, skilled surgeons can perform operations from a distance.

How surgical robots can bring about a medical revolution

Surgical robots manufactured by international companies are very expensive, making them impractical to deploy in small Indian cities or towns. However, the indigenous surgical robot developed by cardiac surgeon Dr. Sudhir Srivastava provides an effective way to bridge this gap. Through these robots, specialist surgeons in underserved areas can expand their reach and provide advanced surgical procedures to a wider population.

Hopes arose after successful surgery by robot

In the current case, the surgeon performed the successful surgery with precision and expertise through the robot. The patient required a very small incision of only 4-5 cm, whereas in open surgery the length of the incision would be 15-20 cm long. Rawal said this innovative approach to surgery demonstrated the potential of telemedicine to revolutionise healthcare delivery. It enabled expert medical professionals to provide the necessary care to patients regardless of geographical distance.

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