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Millions of people are enjoying the taste of frozen honey by accepting the challenge of TikTok, some have diarrhea and some fall ill

The trend of food and drink always attracts people on social media. Many types of indigenous recipes have also been very much in trend during the Kovid period and a new trend is going on on Tiktok – #FrozenHoneyChallenge. In this, people freeze a water bottle filled with honey and then squeeze it and taste it as a popsicle. The #FrozenHoneyChallenge has been accepted by over 80 million people. But is it good to consume honey in this way? Let us know the opinion of the experts.

These problems will happen if you accept the Frozen Honey Challenge

Experts are calling the #FrozenHoneyChallenge on Twitter not good for health. Experts say that consuming honey in this way is not good for health. Experts are of the opinion that accepting this challenge can give you diarrhea. Along with this, eating such honey can cause stomach cramps, bloating and many other adverse side effects. It can also cause cavity in the teeth. It has also been heard that people accepting this challenge have also complained of being ill.

People do not know what is Balanced diet, it should be in the plate of food, it should be healthy

Why is cold honey bad for health?


‘Honey is a natural sweetener and has many health benefits,’ shared wellness expert Neeha Nagpal with The Independent. However, the trend in which people are consuming honey can make them a victim of many problems. He also shared the reason why frozen honey can cause harm.

“Honey kept at a temperature of minus four degrees can cause problems like bloating and diarrhoea,” he said. As people are getting into the trend and freezing honey, which is not beneficial.

Consuming honey mixed with corn syrup

The natural sugar in honey mixes together and forms tiny crystals that harden the honey. That’s why some people are enjoying it by adding corn syrup to make honey less thick. However, there are also users who found it very expensive to accept this challenge.

One user wrote, I am feeling sick after eating frozen honey. According to media reports, it is not clear who started this trend and now people are posting their own videos on it.

How much honey should be taken?

Ayurvedic Dr. Bhavsar says that the quantity of one spoon of honey a day is enough for us. It should not be consumed in more quantity. Honey turns into granular ie crystals. So when you consume that frozen honey as a popsicle, you end up consuming more than 1 teaspoon, which can cause problems ranging from diarrhea to high sugar, bloating, skin disorders.

The effect of honey starts to reverse due to the consumption of freeze honey

Experts say that when we eat frozen honey, it aggravates the vata dosha in the body. Also, when it freezes, it becomes more cold and whatever is more dry and cold causes the increase of air in the body. In such a condition, there is joint pain, gastric, headache etc.

Along with Vata, it also aggravates Kapha dosha. As you already know that consumption of cold food or cold drink causes cough, cold and throat infection. So by doing this the effect of honey will be reversed and instead of eliminating the mucus, it will cause congestion in the respiratory tract.

Even small amounts of frozen honey can negatively affect problems such as blood sugar, cholesterol, insulin sensitivity, obesity.

How should your honey be?

Ayurveda suggests keeping honey at the natural temperature of the room. When we consume anything in its natural state, it definitely gives us better and better results. Interfering with the natural state of that thing can do us more or less harm.

Such trends can be dangerous for health

Expert’s appeal to all the people is not to follow any trend blindly. First, check its authenticity. You can take expert help as your health should be your first priority. Sometimes it’s okay to miss some trends that can be dangerous to your health.

If you want to do something like this then ask the expert about the ideal way to do it. Some trends can be risky. So, be alert and alert before falling prey to them.’


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