Monday, May 29th, 2023

Millionaire Teen: At the age of 19, this girl became the mistress of crores, dogs also have their own private bedroom

Washington: Today I will tell you the story of a teenager who was born in a very normal family but today at the age of 19, she is a millionaire. Her wealth can be gauged from the fact that the teenager has seven houses to live in. Not only this, his dogs also live in private bedrooms. Lynsey Donovan, who grew up in Maryland, did not have much money in her early days. But now she is the owner of 5 million dollars. Let us know how Linsey got immeasurable wealth at such a young age?

Linsey moved to Florida at the age of 18 and made social media her main source of money. She used to stream shows daily for thousands of her followers and saved the money from this to buy her own house instead of spending on expensive ‘handbags and clothes’. Now Linsey has seven houses and the value of her net worth is more than 5 million dollars i.e. 37.50 crores.

The owner of seven houses and millions of dollars
According to the report of The Sun, Linsey says, ‘I made $1 million for the first time at the age of 19. I currently have seven houses and now my portfolio is worth millions of dollars. Now Linsey is leading an Alishan life. She currently resides in a lavish palace which is worth $2 million and also has bedrooms for her dogs. The dog bedrooms are pink in color and their size is 2 thousand square feet which is usually the size of a house.

75 lakh rupees have been spent on clothes
The millionaire teenager has makeup worth over $50,000. Apart from dogs, he also has a lot of chickens and ducks. She also earns money by posing in glamorous outfits like bikini. She said, ‘I know I am living the life everyone dreams of right now but I am working very hard. I change my clothes at least five times a day. I think I must have spent about $50,000 on shoes and I have definitely spent over $100,000 on my clothes since the age of 16.’

Earn $2000 per day from livestreaming
Lynsey’s parents Marie and Vincent said that their daughter always wanted to earn money. She wanted a big house since childhood. She got into modeling at the age of 15 and since then her fans have continued to grow. After this, Linsey started livestreaming, which earned her between $ 600 and $ 2000 per day. His parents said that Linsey’s decision to invest in property was the best. Linsey herself said, ‘I have bought more than seven houses, that too without any credit, without parental help and without any other help.’


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