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Metamorphosis happened in the power sector in the last 9 years, Union Power Minister RK Singh counted the achievements

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Power Sector: Union Power Minister RK Singh said on Thursday that during the nine years of the Modi government, there has been a transformation in the country’s power sector and we have come from a power deficit situation to a power surplus situation. Singh told a press conference to list the achievements of his/her ministry that more than 185 gigawatts (one gigawatt equals 1,000 megawatts) of power generation capacity was added in the last nine years, making the country power surplus. At present, the country’s total installed power generation capacity is 416 GW, which is almost double the maximum power demand. Even India is exporting electricity to its neighboring countries.

the world is witness

Singh said that the whole world has witnessed the transformation of India’s power sector in the last nine years. A transmission line of 1.97 lakh circuit kilometers has also been added for power transmission, due to which the entire country has been connected to one grid. Through these transmission lines, 1.12 lakh MW electricity can be sent from one corner of the country to the other. Along with this, he/she said that the total technical and commercial loss of power distribution companies (discoms) has also come down to 16.44 percent in the financial year 2021-22, which was 22 percent in 2020-21. The Minister of New and Renewable Energy said that in the field of green energy also, India has achieved the highest growth rate among all major economies.

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78 billion dollars invested after 2014

The installed capacity of green energy was 76.37 GW in March 2014 but it has increased by 2.27 times to 173.61 GW by May 2023. he/she said that about $78 billion has been invested in the power sector since 2014, out of which $10.3 billion is foreign direct investment.

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