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Mars markets are held at these places for Delhiites, all things are available for 20 to 30 rupees

There is no answer to the markets of Delhi in terms of shopping. From household essentials to expensive lehengas, you can find them here at very affordable prices. In fact, there is a market in Delhi every day of the week, where all things are available at very affordable prices. But the Tuesday market here is very famous. Interestingly, there is not one but three places where Mangal Bazar is held on Tuesdays, where a huge crowd starts gathering in the evening. If you are going to Delhi, then you must enjoy shopping in these four Mangal Bazaars.

​Noida Sector-2

If you live in Noida, there is a Mangal Bazaar every Tuesday in Sector 2 of Noida. Here you will also get the daily essentials very easily. Apart from this, from clothes to shoes, stationery, kitchen ware are also available at very low prices.

How to reach Mangal Bazar of Noida Sector 2-
To reach Noida Sector 2, you have to take the Noida City Center Metro. You have to get down at Sector 15. Mangal Bazar is about 1 km away from here. If you want, you can go on foot and if you want, you can take a rickshaw.

Tilak Nagar Mangal Bazar –

Tilak Nagar Mangal Bazar -

Tilak Nagar’s Mangal Bazar is the first choice of the women of West Delhi. Here you will get the best quality at pocket friendly prices. Here you will get a chance to shop from latest design clothes to shoes. The good thing is that the price of things available here is not very high, so you will be able to do good shopping in your budget.

How to reach Tilak Nagar Market –

To reach Tilak Nagar Market one has to take Metro from Blue Line. Exit from Tilak Nagar Metro Station, you will see Mangal Bazar at a distance.

​Noida Sector 26 Mangal Bazar – ​


The Tuesday market of Noida Sector 26 is like a heaven for the people here. There is a lot of crowd in this market on Tuesdays. The best thing is that you can do a lot of shopping from here according to your budget. Here you will find more than one designer clothes ranging from 100 rupees to 1000 rupees top, then you will hardly find it anywhere else in the market.

How to reach the market-
If you live in Delhi, you can get down at Noida Sector 18 metro station to reach Mangal Bazar in Noida Sector 26. From here you have to take a rickshaw or an auto to reach the market.

​Laxmi Nagar, Mangal Bazar – ​

​Laxmi Nagar, Mangal Bazar - ​

Laxmi Nagar Mangal Bazar is also very famous in Delhi. Here, as soon as 4 in the evening, shops start setting up on the side of the street. This market is very good for good and cheap shopping. From bedsheet to crockery, from dress material to kitchen items, you will get here at very low prices.

How to reach Laxmi Nagar Mangal Bazar-
To reach Mangal Bazar in Laxmi Nagar, you have to take Nirman Vihar or Metro to Laxmi Nagar. As soon as you come out, there is Mangal Bazar at a short distance. If you want, you can go on foot or by rickshaw.

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