Sunday, May 28th, 2023

Map of Universe 3D: Dark Energy Telescope created the largest 3D map of the universe, many secrets will be revealed


  • Dark Energy Telescope created the largest 3D map of the universe
  • Information about the history and future development of the universe will be available
  • Rains Berkeley National Laboratory operates the dark energy telescope

The Dark Energy Telescope has produced the largest and most detailed 3D map of the universe. This could lead to many revelations about the mysteries behind dark energy and the way our universe is organized. The Dark Energy Telescope is known as the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI). It is an international project, which is run by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (aka Berkeley Lab).

Will increase understanding of the evolution of space
Dark energy is a yet to be discovered mysterious force that drives the expansion of the universe. The mission of the Dark Energy Telescope is to improve understanding of the physics of this force. In addition, this telescope is exploring how space may develop in the future. The Dark Energy Telescope has been surveying the universe for only a year, but scientists have already described its achievements as impressive and interesting.

Berkeley Lab shares map of the universe
Berkeley Lab has shared a version of the largest 3D map of the universe on its Twitter account. Berkeley Lab scientist Julian Goy said that this map is very beautiful. Distribution of galaxies in 3D map showing clusters, lines of stars and vacuum. But within them, you find the imprint of the very early universe that tells the history of its evolution.

What will this map reveal?
The primary task of the survey is to collect wide color spectrum photos of millions of galaxies covering more than a third of the entire sky. By breaking down the light from each galaxy into its spectrum of colors, the Dark Energy Telescope can determine how much light has been transferred by the expansion of the universe over the course of billions of years.

Information about the position of 75 lakh galaxies will be available
Scientists have been able to chart clusters and superclusters of galaxies by having a 3D map of the universe. This can give information about the days of the formation of galaxies. Humans can learn more about how the universe was created and how it will continue to evolve. But, for this to happen, more research is needed. From now on, the new map will pinpoint the location of more than 7.5 million galaxies.


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