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Monday, July 15th, 2024

Manoj Bajpayee’s wife buys second hand clothes abroad, keeps distance from the actor due to this act

Manoj Bajpayee is currently in the news for his/her latest release film ‘Bhaiya Ji’. During the promotion of this film, he/she made interesting revelations about his/her personal life and career in many interviews. Recently, he/she revealed that when he/she goes to buy vegetables, he/she gets scolded by the vegetable vendors. Often, whenever we go to buy vegetables, we bargain with the vegetable seller Bhaiya. But can you imagine that Manoj Bajpayee also does the same? But in this process, he/she gets scolded. Manoj Bajpayee revealed this in an interview. he/she also told that whenever he/she goes abroad with his/her wife, she buys second-hand clothes from there, which are worn by others. The actor also told the reason for this. Manoj Bajpayee told ‘Mashable India’ that when he/she goes to buy vegetables in the local market, he/she cannot stop himself from bargaining. Due to this, wife Shabana Raza gets embarrassed and acts as if she does not know the actor.

Photo: Manoj Bajpayee Instagram

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I get scolded by vegetable vendors

When Manoj Bajpayee was asked if he/she asks me to bargain while buying vegetables, he/she said, ‘Now the vegetable vendor scolds me. he/she says that this does not look good sir. Then I tell them that I am just practicing. My wife behaves as if she does not know me. She does not like bargaining.’


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Manoj Bajpayee’s wife buys second hand clothes abroad

Manoj Bajpayee told another interesting thing. he/she told that whenever he/she and his/her wife Shabana go to America, they shop from thrift stores there. The actor told that his/her wife Shabana likes to shop from thrift stores, where clothes worn by others are sold. That is why Manoj searches for as many thrift stores as possible for his/her wife. he/she said, ‘When we feel that we have worn some clothes enough and will not wear them anymore, we pack them in cartons. Then we send them to our friends or relatives in different cities. They then distribute them to the needy people. There is no point in throwing clothes.’

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