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Manjari, daughter of ‘Sholay’ ‘Sambha’, who played Danka from Hollywood to Cannes

‘O Samba, how many men were there? Sardar Do’, as soon as you hear this dialogue, the face of ‘Gabbar’ and ‘Sambha’ emerges in the mind. The movie ‘Sholay’ (SholayIn ) the character of Samba was played by actor Mac Mohan. He played the role of Villain in many films and got tremendous popularity. Today Mac Mohan is not in this world, but his name is being illuminated a lot by daughters. If Mc Mohan had been there today, he would have been very proud of his daughters.

Mac Mohan has two daughters, Manjari Makijani and Vinati Makijani. Anyone would be proud to know about the work that these two are doing today and the way they have made their mark around the world.

Usually star kids enter the world of acting with the dream of becoming a star just like their parents. But there have been some who recognized their hidden talent and earned a name in other fields other than acting. These star kids include ‘Sambha’ i.e. daughters of Mac Mohan. First of all, Manjari Makijani, who has made her name dance from Hollywood to Cannes Film Festival. He has a record in his name that would be proud to know.

Writer and director is Manjari
Manjari Makijani is a filmmaker by profession. He is also a writer and producer. Apart from Bollywood, Manjari has also worked in American films. Some of his short films have won awards at International Film Festivals.

The name is this record, it has hit Cannes
Manjari Makizani has been one of 8 women who were selected to direct the AFI Conservatory for Women in 2016. Manjari Makizani is the second Indian to receive this honor since its inception in 1974. Another record is recorded in Manjari’s name. In 2014, his short film ‘The Corner Table’ was awarded the Best Film Award at the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne. His film was a part of ‘Cannes Short Film Corner’. This was Manjari’s first film to make it to the Emerging Filmmakers Showcase of the Cannes Film Festival. Not only this, Manjari Makijani is the only Indian filmmaker who got a chance to be a part of this showcase.

Also assisted in Hindi films, films won awards
Manjari Makijani also worked as an assistant director in films like ‘Wake Up Sid’ and ‘Saat Khoon Maaf’. But he started writing and directing short films from 2012. He also did a few films for Disney. In the year 2019, Manjari Makijani was in discussion about her film ‘Skater Girl’, which was released last year. In this film, Manjari joined as a writer, director, while her sister Vinati was the co-writer and producer of the film.

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Pragya Makijani does this work
Vinati Makijany is also a writer and producer like sister Manjari. But at the same time he is also an artist director and production designer. He worked in Shahrukh Khan starrer ‘My Name is Khan’. Vinati is also the founder of ‘The Living Grace Foundation’ and ‘The Mac Stage Company’.

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Manjari and Vinati are cousins ​​of Raveena Tandon

Salute to the way these two sisters are working today and the way they have proved their talent. Even though Mac Mohan’s daughters- Manjari and Vinati could not become actresses, but both are capable filmmakers and are earning names all over the world. You will be surprised to know that Manjari and Vinati are the cousins ​​of actress Raveena Tandon. Actually Mac Mohan was Raveena Tandon’s uncle.


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