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Man from future claims, aliens will capture Earth in February, human bones will be found on Mars

If someone tells you that destruction is going to come on the earth in a few days. There will be a fight between humans and aliens and if the aliens take over the earth, will you agree? One person has made many similar claims. He claims that he has seen the future by time traveling. He has returned from the year 2858 and has seen that in the year 2023 five big events are going to happen in the world.

According to the Daily Star report, this person posts from the @darknesstimetravel account, in which he makes all kinds of claims about future events. This time she has created a stir by sharing a video on the social media platform Tiktok. Said in it, note- I am a time traveler who has returned from the year 2858, remember these 5 dates coming in 2023. In this, he has made many claims ranging from aliens to wormholes.

tell the dates
This person claims that on February 28 this year, aliens will take over the earth. He said, everyone has only one dream that aliens take over the earth. That day is about to come. On February 28, the earth will be under the control of aliens. Apart from this, on March 30, an aircraft will go missing in the wormhole. For the passengers boarding the plane, it will be just six seconds while for the rest of the world it will be six years.

Six people will get super power from Surya
The third claim he has made is even more shocking. This person said, on May 4, human bones will be found on Mars. After this the whole world will be convinced that we are originally from Mars. That means we originated on Mars. Fourthly, he claimed that on July 2, six people would get super power from the Sun.

people are joking
The fifth claim of the person will surprise you even more. It says that scientists are working on a top secret plan. The government has given its permission. He is creating a parallel universe whose portal will be revealed. People are also making fun of this Tiktoker’s claim and are asking different types of questions so that it can be known how much truth is there in it. However, this Tiktoker has not presented any evidence to prove his claims to be true.

Many people have made such claims in the past as well.
One user wrote, we will not really know what is happening, it will be hidden. Another argued, none of the predictions from last year came true, I am still waiting. A third commented, “Hope I’m one of the super powered humans.” Even before this many people have made such claims. Another Tiktoker had also claimed that in 2023 humans would encounter more intelligent creatures than themselves.

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