Saturday, May 28th, 2022

Malaika Arora’s big advice before Yoga Day, told the right age to do yoga

The Nickelodeon franchise has entertained millions of little fans across India. Its flagship channels Nick and Sonic are ranked No. 1 and No. 2 in the Kids Entertainment Channel category. The franchise has been at the forefront of celebrating ‘International Yoga Day’ every year with a vision to engage the younger fans. This year too it is back with a fun and exciting new edition of its #YogaSeHiHoga campaign. As part of this campaign, the brand has partnered with a wellness start-up, Sarva Yoga Studio. He has taken this step to bring the little fans closer to yoga and make them understand the countless benefits of yoga. The brand is bringing Yoga to the audience in an even more cool and fun way through a unique Yoga Workshop to inculcate the habit of a healthy lifestyle in children.

What did Malaika say?
In this difficult time, it will definitely work to de-stress the children. Commenting on the partnership, Malaika Arora, Co-Founder and Actress of Serv, said, “Starting practicing yoga from an early age can benefit children in many ways and have a positive impact on their mental health. Not only this, it is the strongest gift given to children. In the present times where children are not able to go out and play and they are finding comfort in the world of cartoons, then it is very important that their love and love for cartoons is used positively. As persuading children is such a difficult task, the bond that children have with the nectars Shiva and Rudra will surely help the children to embark on a wonderful journey of yoga.

What did Rajinikanth’s daughter say?
The Sarva Investor and Superstar said, “As a mother and a yogi myself, I can understand that yoga instills balance, strength and strength in children. Watching cartoons is one of my daily habits and has become an integral part of every child’s life. Children listen to their words more carefully, so what can be better than inculcating healthy habits in children by taking advantage of those toon heroes.

Share photos and videos
Let us tell you, through the #YogaSeHiHoga program, this initiative will be brought to social media and a kid yoga series will also be brought along with a list of short funny videos. This step has been taken to encourage children to include yoga in their everyday life. All the kids have to do is upload a picture or video of them doing their favorite yoga poses on Whose photo or video will be the best, they will be shown on the channel.


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