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Make this oil at home to blacken white hair, take the help of these 2 powerful seeds

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kalonji black sesame oil

White Hair Blackening Oil: Are your hair graying rapidly? If they are losing their color every day, then this is a sign of deficiencies related to hair care. Like not applying oil. If you do not oil your hair 1 to 2 times a week, it may cause damage to your hair. Strong sunlight and harmful elements of the environment can damage your hair and then fine radicals can affect its texture and color. In such a situation, you can use this oil for your hair.

Kalonji and black sesame oil for gray hair – kalonji with kala til oil for gray hair in hindi

For graying hair, you can use nigella seeds and black sesame oil. Both these seeds can change the color of your hair. Firstly, they prevent the loss of collagen. After this, it enhances the color of hair and prevents them from turning grey. Apart from this, sesame and nigella seeds also contain some antioxidants which protect them from external damage and nourish them from within. Apart from this, the high protein of these seeds is helpful in increasing hair growth. Also, this oil is helpful in protecting against scalp infection and preventing inflammation in the scalp.

  kalonji with kala til oil for grey hair

Image Source : SOCIAL

kalonji with kala til oil for grey hair

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How to make kalonji kala til oil

To make nigella and black sesame oil, first take mustard oil and heat it. Keep black sesame seeds and nigella seeds in it. Now keep this oil on the gas but turn off the flame. That means let it mix in hot oil only. After this see whether the color of this oil turns black or not. If it does not happen, heat the oil once again and turn off the flame after some time. Take care that these seeds do not burn.

Now filter this oil and apply it on the roots of your hair. After this, keep massaging lightly. Do this in such a way that the oil reaches the ends of the hair. Now after massaging for about 35 minutes, leave the hair like this. Wash your hair after about one to two hours. Just keep doing this work regularly. This will maintain the color of your hair.

(This article is for general information, please consult a doctor before adopting any remedy)

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