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Mahindra Scorpio is for the Indian Army, know how many SUVs are named after the army

Photo: CANVA Mahindra Scorpio Classic for Indian Army

Mahindra Scorpio for Indian Army: Best quality vehicles are always sent for the Indian Army. In this sequence, Mahindra’s Scorpio is also going to be a part of the Indian Army. Yes, Mahindra has placed an order for 1470 Mahindra Scorpio Classic from the Indian Army. But it will not be the classic Scorpio that is available in the showroom for the common people, but it will also get many updates according to the army. Let us know what are the additional features in the Army Scorpio Classic.

Classic Scorpio will now be 4WD instead of two wheels

The Mahindra Scorpio Classic has a 2WD i.e. 2 wheel drive option, but the Scorpio Classic that will go for the Army will have a 4WD option i.e. the vehicle will use the power of all four tyres, keeping in view the requirement of the Army. That’s why this car will have 10bhp more power than normal. While Mahindra Scorpio Classic generates 130bhp power, Mahindra Scorpio Classic Army Special will generate 140bhp power.

Along with this, a black plastic panel will also be installed in front of both the windshields, which will make the vehicle better safe. Rest of the wheels will be in classic steel. The look will also be very classic. Yes, army print might be used in the body paint, although there is no clear information about it yet.

Will this Scorpio be bullet proof?

The Mahindra Scorpio Classic Army Edition will be bullet proof just like the Mahindra Rakshak. Mahindra has earlier made the Rakshak SUV for the war time of the Army which was completely bulletproof. It is believed that the Mahindra Scorpio Classic will also be able to prevent 7.62mm bullets from penetrating the glass or body just like the protector.

Which SUV is the army’s favourite?

Tata Nexon pickup has also joined the Indian Army and Tata Safari Storme has also been liked. But the Maruti Suzuki Gypsy, which served the Army for nearly two decades, has been the army’s favorite SUV. Although the Tata Safari Storme 3 Door Army was showcased in front of the army a while ago as a replacement for the Gypsy with a soft top, it could not be selected.

According to a report dated March 2022, the Indian Army has intended to replace its 35,000 old Maruti Suzuki Gypsies. Mahindra Scorpio can replace it but compared to Gypsy, Scorpio has steel top which might not be as popular in army as Maruti Suzuki Gypsy with soft top.
However, there is also news that the Indian Army now wants to include some electric vehicles as well. Recently, 12 Tata Nexon EVs have also been inducted in the Airforce. Going by those figures, the power and durability required by the armed forces are hard to match with electric cars.

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