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Tuesday, July 23rd, 2024

‘Maharaj’ release: Cross-examination over, now Gujarat HC will watch Junaid Khan’s film, decision on ban on Thursday

Aamir Khan’s son Junaid Khan’s debut film ‘Maharaj’ is in more trouble. The Gujarat High Court has extended the ban on the film after the ongoing arguments on it. The matter was heard on Wednesday, June 19. The Gujarat High Court judges will now decide after watching the film whether to ban it completely or allow it to be released. Yash Raj Films told the court that links and passwords of the film ‘Maharaj’ will be made available. Now the matter will be heard again on June 20. It is known that there is a controversy over the subject of Zunaid Khan’s Maharaj and many scenes shown in it. While on one hand there is a demand to ban this film, on the other hand, the Gujarat High Court had banned its release, which has been extended. People say that Hindu religion has been insulted in it. ‘Maharaj’ was scheduled to release on the OTT platform Netflix on June 14.

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This is what the petitioner Shailesh Patwari said

At the same time, petitioner Shailesh Patwari appeared on Wednesday after two days of hearing, and he/she said that the court will watch the entire film and decide tomorrow afternoon i.e. Thursday, June 20 at 2.30 pm whether to ban the film or allow it to be released on OTT. Shailesh Patwari had filed a petition against the film on June 13, and said that it is trying to create a division between Hindus and Muslims. Wrong things have also been told about Hindu gods and goddesses in the film.

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‘The judges will see the film and decide whether to release it or not’

he/she also said that rules and regulations are necessary to bring OTT under the Government of India, otherwise anyone will show anything on OTT. This should not happen. Shailesh Patwari further said, “Yash Raj Films had tried for another certificate to release the film ‘Maharaj’ on OTT. But later they felt that there could be a problem in it, so that’s why they selected OTT. A lot of wrong things have been shown in this film. Wrong things were also told about Lord Krishna and our Maharajas. That decision was given by the judges of the British era. We should not forget this. We had also written to the government office in this regard, but did not get any response. Then we had to knock the door of the High Court. Right now the court has continued the stay on the film and will give the decision tomorrow at 2:30 pm.

What is the reason behind the controversy over ‘Maharaj’?

The story of ‘Maharaj’ is based on the story of the defamation case of 1862, in which wrong comments were made about Lord Krishna and many devotional songs. Apart from Junaid Khan, the film also stars actor Jaideep Ahlawat. Junaid Khan has played the role of Karsandas Mulji, a reporter and social reformer. he/she raised his/her voice for the rights and reforms of women. In the poster of the film, Junaid Khan has a tilak on his/her forehead, which is also controversial. For this reason, the petitioners have appealed to cancel the certification of the film along with banning it.

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