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Tuesday, July 23rd, 2024

​’Maharaj’ OTT release: Mukul Rohatgi told Gujarat HC – like it or not, we cannot erase history

There are still clouds of doubt over the release of Aamir Khan’s son Junaid Khan’s debut film ‘Maharaj’. The Gujarat High Court is hearing the matter on Wednesday as well. The film is mired in controversies due to its subject. On one hand, there is a demand for a ban on it, while on the orders of the Gujarat High Court, an interim stay was imposed on it just before its release on June 14. On Tuesday too, there was a heated debate on ‘Maharaj’ in the High Court. During this, senior advocate Mukul Rohatgi, representing Netflix and the makers, told the court that we cannot change history, whether anyone likes it or not. A single bench of Justice Sangeeta Vishen is hearing the case. After Tuesday, the arguments of Netflix, Yash Raj Films and the petitioners are being heard in the court on Wednesday as well. After the arguments on Tuesday, the court said that the interim stay on the release of the film will continue till Wednesday. Members of the Pushti Marg sect have filed a petition against ‘Maharaj’.

The British court had condemned Hinduism

The film is based on a defamation case during the British Raj in 1862. The petitioners argued in court on Tuesday that the British-era court had decided the defamation case and condemned Hinduism. In that decision, serious derogatory comments were made against Lord Krishna as well as devotional songs and bhajans. But we should not forget that all this happened during the British era.

Netflix said- Censor certificate is not required for release on OTT

Appealing for Netflix on this, senior Supreme Court lawyer Mukul Rohatgi said that the petitioner’s demand is absolutely absurd. he/she said, ‘Both the petitioners’ demands to ban the film and cancel its censorship certificate are absurd. First of all, such certification is not required for the release of ‘Maharaj’ on OTT. This petition action is completely fabricated and artificial.’

Rohatgi said- you don’t have any objection to the book, why to the film

Mukul Rohatgi further said, ‘One of the petitioners is a businessman from Ahmedabad. he/she never took any action against the book on which this film is based. Or there is a lot of content on this subject on the Internet, but he/she did not take any action there either. Making a film, producing it or presenting it to the world on a stage is not a small thing. It takes a lot of money and hard work. We have already lost our release on Friday.’

‘We don’t like the decision to hang Bhagat Singh, but we can’t erase it’

The senior lawyer argued further, ‘Whatever decision the court took in the 1862 defamation case is legal history. The film is based on this. Now whether we like that decision or not, we cannot erase legal history. The petitioner has objection to the language used in the decision. But you cannot ban the film for this argument. Freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh were hanged during the British period. This was also the court’s decision. Obviously, we do not like it. But this is a part of history.’

‘A true devotee is the one who allows his/her wife to sleep with the Maharaja’..the British government was tensed due to these allegations on the saint of Vallabh sect

Citing the Supreme Court’s decision on ‘Bandit Queen’

Mukul Rohatgi also referred to the film ‘Bandit Queen’ during the arguments. he/she told the court that the Supreme Court had upheld artistic freedom despite the controversial scenes in the film. The Supreme Court in its decision had also accepted the argument of showing the reality of society through cinema.

presswire18 TimesHC bans release of ‘Maharaj’, Aamir Khan’s son Junaid’s film accused of hurting Hindu sentiments

The petitioner said- religious sentiments will be hurt, violence may erupt

On the other hand, the petitioners said that if the film is allowed to be released, religious sentiments will be seriously hurt. Due to this, there is a possibility of violence against the followers of a particular community. Earlier, the petitioners had also appealed to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and requested to ban the release of the film.

presswire18 TimesPeople are angry over Aamir Khan’s son Junaid’s first film, saying in one voice- Boycott Netflix

Why is there a ruckus about ‘Maharaj’, what is the defamation case of 1862

Actually, the defamation case of 1862 is related to Karsandas Mulji. he/she was a social reformer and journalist. In one of his/her articles, he/she had alleged that God had sexual relations with his/her female devotees. Jadunathji Maharaj had objected to this and filed a defamation case in the court.

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