Wednesday, December 6th, 2023

Madhepura DM Car Accident News: Who is responsible for 3 deaths in Bihar? Officer said – Madhepura DM was not in the colliding vehicle

Madhepura: A major accident has occurred with the car of Madhepura District Magistrate in Madhubani, Bihar. In which three people including a woman and child lost their lives. The horrific accident happened on Tuesday morning. After the incident, a large number of people gathered at the spot. He told that immediately after the accident the DM’s staff fled from the spot. According to eyewitnesses, the DM also left the spot on a bike. However, in this matter Madhepura DPRO Kundan Singh told that the DM is in our headquarters. They were not in the vehicle in which the accident occurred.

What did Madhepura’s DPRO Kundan Singh say?

However, Madhepura DPRO Kundan Singh said that the accident occurred due to DM’s car. According to the information we have received, there was some technical problem with the vehicle. He had to go for repairs. Now whether this accident happened while going or coming will be known only after investigation. Meanwhile, the DPRO said that the District Magistrate is at the headquarters. Were not in that car. When complete investigation is done in this matter, complete information will be given.

Madhepura DM Car Accident News: Madhepura DM kept roaming in a car without insurance and pollution certificate, all secrets revealed after the accident

There was a technical fault in DM’s car – DPRO

The uproar continues in Madhubani regarding the accident involving DM’s vehicle. According to the police, the vehicle of DM of Madhepura was going from Darbhanga towards Madhepura on Tuesday. Meanwhile, an accident occurred on NH 57 at Purwari Tola in Phulparas area. Phulparas police station in-charge Lalan Prasad has informed that two people have died and two have been injured, however, the local people have claimed that three people have died and one is injured.

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Eyewitness said – DM went on bike after the accident

The police station in-charge also said that the DM was not aboard the vehicle during the incident. Meanwhile, people are angry after the incident and are demanding to call senior officials. The accident vehicle has the name plate of DM Madhepura. After the accident, eyewitnesses told that the DM was in the car and after the accident, a bike came, due to which he left the spot.

Madhepura DM Accident: Three including mother and child killed, one injured after being crushed by Madhepura DM’s car in Madhubani

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