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Made the world his/her ‘Aashiq’ from the first film, career drowned after success, also became a victim of depression

Tanushree Dutta Unknown Facts: There is so much written in the lines of someone’s luck that in a short life, he/she travels first till the floor and then till the floor. The story of Tanushree’s life is also similar. Today i.e. on March 19, 1984, born in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, Tanushree’s fate was earlier written as ‘Shri’ i.e. ‘Money’ i.e. ‘Money’, then after achieving all the heights, the fate of the actress took such a turn that everything turned upside down. left. Today, on the occasion of birthday, we are telling you about the journey of Tanushree from Arsh to floor…

Said goodbye to studies

The association of Bengali girls and Bollywood is very old. There are many Bengali girls in the cinema world, who make their place in the hearts of people with their style. Tanushree Dutta is one of them. Tanushree became such a girl born in a Bengali family in the year 1984, who would never have thought that she would make people ‘aashiq’ of her beauty with her very first film by taking entry in Bollywood. However, while studying, she became so engrossed in modeling that Tanushree started walking on the ramp leaving books behind.

Amazing in acting after modeling

In those days the fate of the actress was moving like a high speed car. As soon as she stepped into the modeling world, Tanushree got such a title, which opened the doors of the whole world for her. Actually, in the year 2004, Tanushree Dutta won the title of Miss India Universe, after which she got a chance to walk for India in Miss Universe in the same year. Tanushree’s entry in Bollywood happened only a year after the explosion in modeling. Bas Phir Kya Tha romantic film ‘Aashiq Banaya Aapne’ with Emraan Hashmi made her crazy for the whole era.

tasted failure after success

Tanushree, who made love in the film with Emraan Hashmi, was covered in her very first project in Bollywood. he/she worked in several films one after the other, including ‘Bhagam Bhag’, ‘Dhol’, ’36 China Town’, ‘Speed’, ‘Good Boy Bad Boy’, ‘Chocolate’ and ‘Rakeeb’. However, Tanushree, who tasted success in the first film, did not get the same success again. In such a situation, in the year 2010, Tanushree said goodbye to Bollywood and started on the path of spirituality.

Allegations made in MeToo

Tanushree, who got everything at a pinch, could not handle the boat of her deteriorating career and gradually became a victim of depression. To get rid of this, she chose spirituality by saying goodbye to the glamor world and went to live in an ashram. However, there was still a mystery in everyone’s mind as to how Tanushree suddenly said goodbye to Bollywood. Tanushree gave the answer to these confusions going on in everyone’s heart by starting the Me Too campaign against industry veteran Nana Patekar. The actress came forward and accused Nana Patekar of touching her inappropriately on the sets of ‘Horn Ok Pleassss’.

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