Sunday, January 29th, 2023

Love Jihad in Greece: Pakistani boy killed Greek girlfriend, Greek media told ‘Love Jihad’

Athens: The word ‘love jihad’, which is in political discussion in Uttar Pradesh, Kerala and many other states of India, has now reached the European country of Greece. Recently a Pakistani Muslim boy killed his teenage girlfriend here. The incident has sparked debate across Greece. This youth is absconding since the incident. It is believed that there was a fight between the two, after which the young man killed himself. The Greek media is openly describing this thing as love jihad.

India was mentioned in a report by Media Directus of Greece. It read, ‘In the name of love in India, Muslim boys, by changing their names, lure Hindu girls into their trap and then ask them to change religion, if they do not change religion, they are tortured, sometimes they even die. Is. Greece is now facing love jihad from the Pakistani side.
Pakistani boys hunting Greek girls?
The report further claimed that Pakistani boys naively implicate Greek girls in the name of love, which is followed by incidents similar to those that happened two days ago. In fact, on Monday, a Pakistani citizen Sunni (30) killed his 17-year-old Greek girlfriend Nicoletta. The accused is absconding since the incident. The victim’s friends say that both were together for the last 10 months and were living happily.
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Sunni can surrender
According to the information, Nicoletta’s body was found in her room. His sister first saw him, after which he sent a message to his father. In the message, he wrote, ‘Dad we have lost Nicoletta, the Sunni killed her.’ It is not yet clear why this incident happened. Everyone who knows Nicoletta says that the couple was happy with their relationship. Police say Nicoletta lived in the apartment with her mother and daughter-in-law. Sunni was living there with him. According to media reports, Sunni can surrender.

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