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Lost your train ticket? Do not worry, just do this one thing in front of TTE, you will be able to travel comfortably

As you all know, every day crores of people are traveling by Indian Railways. In today’s time, Indian Railways has made so many facilities for the passengers that you can book tickets comfortably sitting at home. Still, most people are like this, so they buy tickets from the counter of the platform. So what will you do if your ticket is lost during the journey? Will probably buy tickets again at the last moment.
But perhaps you will not need to do all this now, in such a situation, instead of panicking, if you follow the rules of the railway, then probably even TTE will not bother you. So let us tell you about the rules of losing tickets.

counter ticket is necessary

Let us tell you that traveling with the ticket of the railway counter comes under the essential rules of the railway. In such a situation, if you are going to travel by train, then keep in mind that you must have a counter ticket, otherwise you may face a lot of difficulty in traveling. However, as per the new railway rules, it will be up to TTE to decide whether he/she will fine you or not.

Do this work in the train

Do this work in the train

In case your ticket is lost, you can show the coach and berth message to the TTE by going to the IRCTC app. Also, the ticket is attached to your mobile phone number and mail id by the railways. PNR confirmation message also comes in your mobile, you can show them also, it will be known that this seat or berth was given to you.

How to make new ticket

How to make new ticket

If your ticket is lost during the journey, or you do not have the facility to show your ticket from your mobile, then you can get your new duplicate ticket made from the ticket checker. For this you will have to pay a fine of 50 to 100 rupees. But keep in mind, only after losing the ticket, you have to contact the ticket checker immediately. After complete information, the ticket checker can get a new ticket made for you.

​Advantage of offline ticket and online ticket

​Advantage of offline ticket and online ticket

According to the information, let us tell you that you can buy the ticket in two ways in the railway. First is counter ticket, in which you can take from ticket counter second is online ticket, which you get on mail id. Tell me, if you do not travel after taking ticket online or cancel the ticket or the ticket is not confirmed, then the money will come easily to your account. But it is not so in offline, it is necessary to travel here.

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