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Sunday, July 14th, 2024

Losing in Ayodhya is a direct message of the hatred spread by BJP… Rahul’s first interview after leaving Wayanad seat

New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi will leave Kerala’s Wayanad Lok Sabha seat and represent Rae Bareli. Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi will contest from Wayanad Lok Sabha seat. Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge said, ‘Rahul Gandhi has won from two Lok Sabha seats, but according to the law, he/she has to leave one seat. Rahul Gandhi will keep the Rae Bareli seat with himself and we have decided that Priyanka will contest from Wayanad.’ After this decision, Priyanka Gandhi has assured the people of Wayanad that they will not feel the absence of Rahul. On the other hand, Rahul Gandhi said in an interview to news channel ‘News Nation’, ‘The decision to leave Wayanad and Rae Bareli seat was very difficult, because he/she has an emotional relationship with both Rae Bareli and Wayanad.’ Rahul said that we have an old relationship with Rae Bareli. he/she has described Uttar Pradesh as important for the country’s politics.

Got a lot of love from the people of Wayanad: Rahul

In an interview to News Nation, Rahul Gandhi said that he/she has been an MP from Wayanad Lok Sabha seat for the last five years. The experience of being an MP from here was good. he/she got a lot of love from the people of Wayanad. But the Congress President said that I should remain an MP from Rae Bareli. Rahul Gandhi said, ‘I am happy that Priyanka Gandhi will contest the election from Wayanad. I will also go to Wayanad to support Priyanka. We will definitely fulfill the promises we have made to the people of Wayanad. I am proud that my sister Priyanka will contest the election from Wayanad.’ Rahul Gandhi said that he/she has received a lot of love from the people of Wayanad. Wayanad has always been a second home for him/her.

UP results have changed the politics of the country: Rahul

Regarding the good performance of Congress in UP, Rahul Gandhi said that the results of UP have changed the politics of the country. The people of UP have given an answer to the politics of hatred. BJP’s defeat in Ayodhya is a direct message that the politics of hatred spread by BJP will not be accepted. Elections are coming in UP, so now the fight will be in Uttar Pradesh. he/she expressed hope of doing well in the upcoming UP assembly elections.
Actually, Rahul Gandhi had registered a landslide victory from Wayanad in Kerala and Rae Bareli parliamentary constituency in Uttar Pradesh. According to the rules, Rahul Gandhi can be an MP from only one seat. In such a situation, he/she has decided to leave the Wayanad Lok Sabha seat.

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