Tuesday, August 16th, 2022

Lock Upp: Poonam Pandey again made a foolish promise to be topless, said – this time I will take off my bra too

Controversial reality show Lock Up often remains in the headlines. The reason is the contestants here and their shocking and disturbing things. Now look at Poonam Pandey only. He is known for serving adult content on social media. He was the one who talked about going topless after winning India’s World Cup in 2011. Then he said the same thing in the lock up that if votes are received and they are safe, then they will become topless (Poonam Pandey Controversies). Although he did so too. When Kangana Ranaut saved him, he took off his top but was wearing a bra. But once again his name has come in the charge sheet. She has once again promised the fans that if she survives, she will go topless again.

Actually, in the show, people keep doing something or the other to show their presence and to entertain the audience. After the name comes in the chargesheet, Kangana Ranaut definitely gives him a chance to save himself. That opportunity is to reveal a secret of yourself. On the last Judgment Day, the host of the show got Ali Merchant out of jail and gave Poonam Pandey one last chance to prove herself. Poonam had also promised that she would do well. But bad luck. She got nominated again.

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Poonam Pandey will be topless if she gets votes
Poonam Pandey thought that last time she had survived by promising topless. Why not adopt the same tactic again this time. So she appealed for the vote and said that if she gets the most votes, she will go nude on National TV and this time she will also remove the bra. She came on camera and said, ‘If you vote me full, this time I will take off the T-shirt, maybe even the bra will not be there.’ If seen, this is a very big statement. Now it remains to be seen whether the audience votes wholeheartedly for him or not. And if yes, does Poonam fulfill her promise like last time or not.

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