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LIC’s Paisa Banao policy, make a fat fund of 25 lakhs by saving 45 rupees daily, you will get many benefits


Before investing in any scheme, you must review all of them.
It is necessary to do this because some schemes are like this.
In which you also get some additional benefits over time.

LIC Jeevan Anand Policy: Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) policies are most popular in the country. LIC runs various policies for different categories. One of these is Jeevan Anand policy. Through this policy, you can save a good amount of money for the future. Two bonuses are also available in this policy, which are available at different times. The most special thing about this plan is that in this you can create a fund of 25 lakhs by saving not much but very little money. The premium of Jeevan Anand policy is the same as that of term policy, you can invest only till the time the policy is in force.

By the way, many options are available in the market to make big funds by investing less. But before investing in any scheme, you must review all of them. It is necessary to do this because some schemes are such that not only does your money grow over time, but you also get some additional benefits.

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how much to invest
If you take this policy, then you will have to invest Rs 1358 every month or Rs 45 every day. With this small savings, you can create a fund of Rs 25 lakh on maturity. For this you have to invest in long term. For this, you can choose the maturity period up to 35 years. Apart from depositing Rs 1358 every month or Rs 45 every day, you can also deposit Rs 16,300 annually. By depositing this amount in this scheme for 35 years, you will get Rs 25 lakh on maturity.

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You will get many other benefits
Investors also get many other benefits in LIC Jeevan Anand policy. These include insurance for accidental death, disability, term assurance and critical illness cover among others. You can increase the sum assured at the time of accident or death. At present, the minimum sum assured in LIC scheme is Rs 1 lakh. However, investors can increase their sum assured and can also increase the claim amount. LIC pays 125% of the sum assured in case of death of the investor.

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Investing is very easy
Investing in this policy is very easy. If you also want to invest in this scheme, then you must have government documents. If you have Aadhaar card and bank account, then you can apply in this scheme without any tension.

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