Monday, May 29th, 2023

Let the Red Sea not turn into the Black Sea! Tanker wandering unclaimed for years is about to explode

Sana: The United Nations has warned about a major catastrophe in the sea. A super tanker from Yemen was abandoned at sea eight years ago. The tanker, carrying more than one million barrels of oil, is ‘on the verge of sinking or exploding at any moment’, causing a humanitarian and environmental catastrophe. A United Nations official has given this dreadful warning. The official said that the FSO Safer tanks were practically abandoned in 2015 as civil war broke out in the country. After so many years now this ship is breaking up.

David Gresley, Yemen’s humanitarian chief at the United Nations, said, ‘We don’t want the Red Sea to turn into the Black Sea, that will happen.’ This is an old ship, a 1976 super tanker. It is not only old but also abandoned and can explode any time. To this, Gresley said, “According to people familiar with it, including the former captain of the ship, it is certain.” he/she said that one million barrels of oil would eventually fall into the Red Sea. That is why it is important that we act as soon as possible. It is not a question of ‘if’, it is a question of ‘when’.

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oil will reach saudi arabia

Gresley is asking officials to at least discuss the issue. Recent modeling in the science journal Nature Sustainability indicates that it would take two to three weeks for the oil to reach Djibouti, Eritrea and Saudi Arabia. This would abruptly cut off food aid on which some six million people depend due to the closure of Yemen’s vital ports. This will also affect fuel imports.

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There will be a very serious impact on the environment

The explosion of the tanker will have a very serious impact on the environment. According to Nature Sustainability, an uncontrolled oil spill could kill almost all fishing stocks in Yemen’s Red Sea in three weeks, upsetting millions of people living in coastal cities who depend on the sea for their food and means of subsistence. Are. If this tanker filled with one million barrels breaks into the sea, it will be a terrible tragedy in itself.

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