Sunday, May 28th, 2023

Learn about the new feature of Microsoft Excel here, you can do many things in minutes

Photo: File Know about the new feature of Microsoft Excel here

Microsoft Office’s excel software is used in almost every office or institute. Be it calculation or table of contents, be it a list or alphabetic data, MS excel is a versatile software. You can also generate salary on it, create invoice, create report card of children or even create list if you want. MS excel makes it very easy to make every major calculation or pivot table creation with its dozens of formulas. Despite this, Microsoft keeps bringing new updates on excel every day which can make your work easier.

In the year 2022 also, some similar updates have come for Microsoft excel, which can be used to make your work faster as well as simpler. Let’s know about them.

Microsoft excel or MS Excel runs in Apple Mac apart from MS Office software. Also you can use its web version. Find your command feature has come in all these three. This feature can be very beneficial for new users who often forget commands while working in excel. Now they just have to right click to find the command they want and a dialog box will come up which will have the search option at the top, from here users will be able to find the command related to their use.

  • After this the navigation pane is also a good feature.
  • To use this feature, all you have to do is click on View from the menu bar and press the navigation button. In this navigation pane, you can analyze data from multiple sheets at once.

Power Query Group Operation

The biggest advantage of this feature, launched in August, is for those who have the ease of setting group wise by importing their favorite data from external sources. Due to this feature, the original data also does not get spoiled. He remains the same as he is.

Apart from this, it is now easier to insert images in the same cell. In the old version of excel, if you add an image, then that image was inserted there in its actual size and after that you had to set its size according to the space of your cell. But now after adding image from insert image option, that image goes inside a small cell and you or any user can see it by clicking on it whenever they want.

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