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Lata Mangeshkar had a fight with 5 people from Rafi to Raj Kapoor, had also turned away from her brother

Lata Mangeshkar, the epitome of simplicity and gentleness, is one of those personalities whose whole world has been convinced. He took Indian music to a new height. His melodious voice touched the hearts of people of every generation. Do you know that Lata ji, who sang a song sweeter than honey, was very fond of chillies. He loved to eat green and red chillies. When she told this thing, then people were surprised, because despite eating so spicy, she used to sing sweetest. So. Although Lata ji was every heart Aziz and everyone was her admirer, but there was bitterness in her relationship with many well-known personalities. Yes, there was a time, when she had only nominal conversation with Dilip Kumar for 13 years, while she considered him as her brother and also used to tie Rakhi. Once he had a heated argument with Raj Kapoor and he said that ‘I am Lata Mangeshkar, go lose someone else!’ Not only this, Lata ji did not talk to SD Burman sahib in the composition of SD Burman in which he sang the best songs for 8 years. Let us tell you everything about these stories.

Was angry with SD Burman, it was not a matter of 8 years

Lata Mangeshkar ji did not sing for SD Burman for 8 years. Regarding this, she says, ‘Someone made some misunderstanding with her with me.’ Let us tell you that Lata ji had sung many great songs in the composition of SD Burman, but due to this misunderstanding, the pair broke up. The reason for their quarrel is said to be an article, in which SD Burman had said that we composers have made Lata’s career. Lata ji was very angry with this. He left the song for SD Burman. Burman Sahib had also chosen Asha in place of Lata, but their quarrel ended after 8 years. It is said that RD Burman got them reconciled.

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There was a rift with Raj Kapoor too

lata mangeshkar raj kapoor

Had an argument with Raj Kapoor

Lata Mangeshkar had told that there was a fight with Raj Kapoor over royalty. She says, ‘I told him that I take royalty, then he said that we do not pay royalty. I said that I will take it. I took someone’s name and said that the producer has given me royalty. So they started saying that you are meeting Raj Kapoor with him. I am Raj Kapoor. I said that I have come here to do business. Means I have come to sing. He is as big to me as you are. I also said that I am Lata Mangeshkar. And I have decided that I will take royalty. So he said that I will not give. I said why are you quarreling. We say hello. I will not sing You take someone else. So he did a couple of pictures in it, but it didn’t work. Then he paid royalty.

Never sung song for OP Nayyar!
OP Nayyar was considered a very famous composer in the Indian music industry at that time. Lata Mangeshkar never sang a song with him. He had said about this, ‘OP Nayyar ji told someone who is my style, she can either sing Geeta Dutt or Asha Bhosle. Lata Mangeshkar is the best singer, but my style is different. He probably won’t like Lata’s hug. Lata ji also agreed to Nayyar sahib’s point and said, ‘I also agreed with him.’

Talks with Mohammad Rafi closed

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Mohammad Rafi had to apologize

It is said that in the year 1961, Lata and Rafi clashed in the studio over royalty. Rafi had decided that he would never sing with Lata. Lata had also said, ‘I myself will not sing with you.’ After this, talks between them were closed for 4 years. Didn’t even share the stage. Later, at the behest of music composer Jaikishan, Rafi wrote a letter to Lata and apologized. After this, both of them ended the quarrel by singing the song ‘Dil Pukare’ from ‘Jewel Thief’.

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Did not talk to Dilip Kumar

It’s 1957. Lata Mangeshkar and Dilip Kumar lent their voices for the song of the movie ‘Musafir’. Lata ji had no idea that Dilip Kumar would sing with her. Dilip sahib had practiced a lot, but he got scared as soon as he held the mic. After this, they got the recording done by drinking brandy. Dilip and Lata’s relationship turned sour only after this. Lata also used to tie Rakhi to him, but after this incident, only nominal conversation remained for 13 years. It is also said that Dilip Kumar had said that Urdu of Marathis is like lentils and rice. Lata ji did not like this thing.

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