Sunday, March 26th, 2023

Landlord also collects rent from fish, lump sum payment of 16 thousand, 1200 rupees every month!

Landlord Takes Monthly Pet Charge: There is always some or the other tussle going on between the tenant and the landlord. Sometimes the landlord and sometimes the tenant becomes heavy. In the story we are going to tell you today, the landlord is making a different kind of demand. Hardly have you ever heard before that landlords charge separate rent for keeping pets in the house, but the person is doing the same.

By the way, every person has his own choice to keep a pet in the house, but sometimes landlords make rules and regulations regarding this too. According to the Mirror’s report, as soon as the landlord came to know that apart from the girl, there is also a fish living in his house, he started charging rent for the fish as well, that too with a one-time deposit.

increased rent for keeping goldfish
On Tiktok, a girl living in America told what happened to her. He told through a screenshot that now landlords are taking rent even for raising fish. According to the screenshot, the landlords are taking a one-time fee of Rs 16,000 for fish farming and have not given permission to the aggressive breed of fish. Not only this, after giving a one-time installment of 16 thousand, 1200 rupees are also being charged every month and there is rent for keeping the fishes.

people were surprised to know
This video has been viewed more than 60 thousand times on social media and people commented and expressed surprise that this is really happening? One user said that it is greed while the other said that it is madness. While many people have expressed concern over the rising rent, some users said that what do they mean by aggressive breed? Sharks or whales are not reared at home.

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