Wednesday, October 4th, 2023

Kurukshetra: 2024 Lok Sabha elections will be held not only on the leader, but also on the name and issues

NDA vs INDIA: A Glimpse into the Upcoming Electoral Battle

The political landscape of the country is witnessing constant shifts. As the next Lok Sabha elections draw near, it is evident that it will not be a solitary contest between Prime Minister Modi and numerous parties, but rather a battle of grand alliances. The BJP, under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi, will form the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) comprising 38 parties, old and new allies. In contrast, the Congress and its 26 parties will unite to form the Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance, abbreviated as India. This electoral competition signifies a challenge for both sides, as the opposition unites against the mighty BJP, and the NDA counters with its own collective response. The upcoming elections will center around the leaders, issues, and visions of both alliances.

On the matter of issues, both camps have identified their respective priorities. While India, yet to announce its common minimum program, is expected to focus on fighting inflation, poverty, and safeguarding democracy, the NDA will emphasize its aggressive stance against corruption charges and nepotism. Additionally, the BJP aims to strengthen its Hindutva agenda by advocating for a Uniform Civil Code. However, the BJP might temper its approach due to potential opposition from minorities and tribals, as it seeks alliances in Northeastern and Punjab.

The NDA, in response to the opposition’s gathering momentum, has also reorganized itself. The BJP invited old allies like Akali Dal, Telugu Desam, and others, creating a powerful coalition of 38 parties, combining the influence of Prime Minister Modi and regional leaders. The Congress, fueled by its victories in Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, and growing popularity in Telangana, is gearing up for a tough contest in these states and Rajasthan. With Nitish Kumar’s alliance in Bihar and the weakening of the BJP in Maharashtra, the NDA faces challenges in some regions.

Both alliances, however, face internal challenges in seat sharing and cooperation among allies. The Congress and the Left Front’s competition in Kerala, the tussle between Trinamool Congress and Congress Left Front in Bengal, and disputes between Aam Aadmi Party and Congress in Delhi and Punjab are significant issues for India. Meanwhile, NDA grapples with reconciling demands of allies like Jitan Ram Manjhi, Upendra Kushwaha, Chirag Paswan, and others in Bihar and Maharashtra.

Despite these challenges, the BJP’s power and influence, along with a strong leader like Narendra Modi, may ease negotiations within the NDA. In contrast, India’s coalition comprises national and regional parties with powerful leaders, necessitating a delicate and mature approach to seat sharing.

The 2024 Lok Sabha elections appear different from 2019, with both sides preparing for significant battles. Before that, the challenge of assembly elections in five states awaits Congress and BJP, whose results will offer insights into the national elections later this year.

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