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Know the rates of Petrol-Diesel before leaving home on holiday, if you want you can take notification on mobile

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Petrol Diesel Rate Today: Petrol and diesel prices remain stable in New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Bengaluru on 29 April. Petrol rates and diesel rates have remained stable for the last ten months. However, daily price fluctuations are observed in different cities. Petrol and diesel prices vary by state, depending on various parameters like Value Added Tax (VAT), freight charges, local taxes etc. The last nationwide change in fuel rates took place on May 21 last year, when Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman cut excise duty on petrol by Rs 8 per liter and on diesel by Rs 6 per litre. Since the central government cut excise duty in May 2022, some states have also reduced VAT prices on fuel, while some have imposed cess on petrol and diesel.

Prices will be affected in these states

The Punjab government in the state cabinet meeting decided to impose a cess of 90 paise per liter on petrol and diesel. Kerala Finance Minister KN Balagopal has also announced a cess on petrol, diesel and liquor in the second full budget of the LDF government, after which a social security cess of Rs 2 per liter will be levied on petrol and diesel.

Petrol diesel prices in different cities

  1. Bengaluru: Petrol rate: Rs 101.94 per litre, Diesel rate: Rs 87.89 per liter
  2. Chandigarh: Petrol rate: Rs 96.20 per litre, Diesel rate: Rs 84.26 per liter
  3. Chennai: Petrol rate: Rs 102.73 per litre, Diesel rate: Rs 94.33 per liter
  4. Gurugram: Petrol rate: Rs 96.85 per litre, Diesel rate: Rs 89.73 per liter
  5. Kolkata: Petrol rate: Rs 106.03 per litre, Diesel rate: Rs 92.76 per liter
  6. Lucknow: Petrol rate: Rs 96.57 per litre, Diesel rate: Rs 89.76 per liter
  7. Mumbai: Petrol rate: Rs 106.31 per litre, Diesel rate: Rs 94.27 per liter
  8. New Delhi: Petrol rate: Rs 96.72 per litre, Diesel rate: Rs 89.62 per liter

How to find out the price of petrol and diesel in your city

Consumers can send a text message to 9224992249, in which “RSP Dealer Code” is written, to know the rate of petrol and diesel in their city. For example, if you want to know the price of petrol and diesel in Delhi, then the RSP here is 102072, then you will send the message by typing “RSP 102072”, then you will know the latest rate. If you do not know about RSP, then you can google it. You will get information.

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