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Know from the words of the family of laborers trapped in Uttarkashi Tunnel how every day was spent, now Mani Diwali in Shravasti

Shravasti: There was mourning in the entire village for the last 17 days after six laborers of Motipur Kalan village situated on the India-Nepal border of the district got trapped in the tunnel accident that took place in Uttarakhand on the day of Diwali. On the night of 28 November, news came that the rescue team had evacuated all the workers safely. After this, Diwali started being celebrated in the entire village with the slogan of Bharat Mata Ki Jai. Even though this Diwali was being celebrated after seventeen days in Motipur Kalan village, the happiness in this Diwali was many times more than that Diwali. During this time, people were seen lighting lamps in their homes and bursting crackers.

The families of the laborers were running around raising slogans of Bharat Mata Ki Jai, Rescue Team Zindabad. After the workers came out, everyone was heaving a sigh of relief and expressing gratitude to the rescue team and the government. The events that took place during this rescue operation that lasted for seventeen days were being discussed every moment in the entire village. When the team of Nav Bharat Times reached Motipur Kalan village on Wednesday morning, we could see the happiness of the villagers there. People gathered at every door of the village praising the rescue team and waiting for their loved ones to return home. In Motipur Kalan village, Nav Bharat Times team went to the homes of all the laborers trapped in the tunnel and talked to their families.

Kept living and dying moment by moment: Sheela

Sheela Devi, wife of laborer Ram Sunder, says that a day before the incident, Ram Sunder had called and asked him to buy new clothes for the children (Surbhi and Suryansh) on Diwali. Celebrating the festival of Diwali with full enthusiasm with children, but as soon as the morning of Diwali came the news of tunnel accident in Uttarakhand. On receiving the news that her husband was trapped in this, it was as if the ground slipped beneath her feet. For a few moments, all kinds of questions were flashing in my mind about his return alive or being able to meet him again.

After this, seventeen consecutive days were spent glued to the news channels. Sometimes she would jump with joy seeing the success of the efforts being made by the rescue team to save the workers. Sometimes there would be screams of distress on hearing the news of mission failure and interruption. In the last seventeen days I have had to die and live every moment. But as soon as the news of her husband’s exit from the tunnel was received at 07:45 on Tuesday night, all the happiness of Diwali came back. Now eagerly waiting to meet her husband.

The personnel carrying out the rescue operation were literal Gods: Pradeep

Pradeep, brother of Santosh Rana, a laborer trapped in the tunnel, says that the workers carrying out the rescue operation were Gods in reality. I feel like touching his feet. The entire rescue team considered all the workers as their family and worked with full dedication and honesty to save them. Because of this our brother is alive. For this we express our gratitude to the government and the entire rescue team. After coming out of the tunnel, the brother first called and said, Hello brother, we have come out safely, don’t worry, we will reach home soon. After hearing so much from my brother, instead of words coming out of our mouth, tears flowed from our eyes. Now I am eager to meet my brother.

I felt like destroying myself: Vikram

Laborer Ankit’s brother Vikram says what to tell brother? What a lot one has to face in poverty. How the last seventeen days have passed cannot be described. Worrying about my brother, I neither like food nor water, I feel like killing myself now. My heart was completely broken, there was little hope of meeting my brother. But good luck to the rescue team and the government, who did not lose courage and got to see their brother alive, albeit on TV. Now I am yearning for how soon I should meet my brother. One minute seems like hours.

Sunita kept praying at god places

Sunita, wife of laborer Ram Milan, says that on the morning of Diwali, preparations were going on to prepare dishes for the children, meanwhile information was received about the tunnel accident and her husband being trapped. Then it seems as if this Diwali has come into our lives as darkness. Since the incident, she kept visiting the places of all the deities including Kul Devi, the village deity, Diwahar Baba, Bholenath, Bajrang Bali and making vows to perform puja and listen to Katha-Bhagwat. Eventually God accepted our prayers and all the workers came out of the tunnel safely. Very happy to see husband out of the tunnel on TV. As soon as they reach home, the first thing to be done is to perform puja and listen to stories to fulfill the vows made to God.

Now even tears of happiness don’t come: Ramrati

Laborer Vasudev’s wife Ramrati cries and says that he loves us very much. They do not let us face any kind of problem. If anything had happened to my husband, I would have died. I don’t know how I survived for seventeen days. My eyes have become so dry due to crying that even tears of happiness do not come out of them anymore. Last night, when he called me after coming out of the tunnel, the first thing he said was to have food, there is nothing to worry about now. Will come soon. Said that when he comes home, I will perform aarti with full Tharu customs and enter the house.

The old postman is desperate to embrace

The old mother of laborer Jai Prakash, the postman, starts crying when she hears the name of the tunnel accident. He is desperate to attach a piece of his liver to his heart. When her son came out of the tunnel safely, she never tired of praising the government and the rescue team. She is calling the entire team as the messenger of Lord Bholenath. She says that those who saved our son, may God give a lot to their sons. The old postman, worrying about his son, says that his son was stuck in a tunnel for seventeen days and must have become very weak. He likes chicken very much, now I will continuously feed him his favorite food.

Laborers will be welcomed: Village head

Radheshyam Choudhary, village head of Motipur Kalan village, says that the entire village was immersed in grief as soon as the information was received that six laborers of the village were trapped. The entire village remained in mourning for seventeen days. During this time people were consoling themselves and consoling each other. But as soon as the news of his safe exit came out on Tuesday night, Diwali started being celebrated in the entire village. Now waiting for the workers to arrive. Preparations are being made to welcome the workers back home. Diwali and Holi will be celebrated together on his arrival.

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