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Kitchen Tips: If you want to keep the kitchen fresh during the rainy season, then follow these simple hacks

The rainy season is such that no matter how much you clean the house, it gets dirty. Due to prolonged moisture and wetness, flies, cockroaches and small beetles start coming into the kitchen.

The rainy season is such that no matter how much you clean the house, it gets dirty. Our kitchen is not only dirty due to rain water and dust, but due to moisture, it does not dry quickly even after cleaning it. On the other hand, flies, cockroaches and small beetles start coming due to moisture and wetness for a long time. In such a situation, it is very important to clean the kitchen properly. Today we are going to tell you about some such tips related to the kitchen hygiene of this article. By following which you can also brighten your kitchen.

wipe cloth

We use many clothes to wipe the kitchen floor to utensils. However, it is much easier to clean. But drying clothes in the rainy season is a difficult task. In such a situation, instead of cloth, use wipes during the rainy season. This will also clean it. Along with this, the hassle of drying kitchen clothes will also end.


After washing the dishes, water gets filled around the sink and in the slab. At the same time, due to the moisture in the rain, it does not dry quickly. Because of which there is a fear of spreading germs and dirt. To clean it, use a wiper instead of a kitchen cloth. With the help of wipers, the slab will dry quickly.

use liquid dishwash

People use dishwash bar to wash dishes. Explain that it is good for the rest of the months, but due to the moisture in the monsoon, it starts melting when wet and the consumption of soap is also high. In this case, you should use homemade liquid dish wash to wash the dishes.

dish basket

To dry the utensils cleanly and quickly, you should keep a mesh basket near the sink in your kitchen. Where you can wash dishes. In such a situation, the water present in the utensils will flow directly into the sink and the utensils will also dry quickly.

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