Monday, May 29th, 2023

Kids jumping rope or doing magic! Amazing co-ordination, you will be stunned to see the video …

Children Excercise Viral Video: Some countries are known for their strict discipline and difficult training. Sometimes this training also becomes inhuman, but countries like China and Japan have a culture that no compromise is made in the training of children since childhood. A video of some such disciplined children’s sports class (Physical Education Class Viral Video) is going viral on social media, seeing which people are surprised.

The video is of children from Kindergarten or any small class, who are demonstrating their athletic ability. The age of the children will hardly be between 6-8 years, but whatever praise is given to them for ordination and discipline, it is less. You must also watch this video which is becoming increasingly viral. While you will get inspired by seeing the dedication of the children, you will not be able to live without appreciating their teachers as well.

heavy jump rope training
Rope jumping is one of the most popular exercises for the physical development of children. In the video, two such girls are jumping rope together. One of them is holding the rope, while the girl in front is sometimes jumping with one leg and sometimes with two legs. Not only this, sometimes she is going out of the rope and sometimes she is coming inside. After all, each end of the rope is in the hands of both the girls, but there is no disturbance anywhere. This art of children who have brought their body in perfect harmony, it is very beautiful to see, but there is tremendous practice involved behind it.

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