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Khandwa News: Vicious thieves are standing on the platform, they make away with the goods in the blink of an eye, it was CCTV, otherwise…

Khandva: If you are going to travel by train, then be careful. Because robbers are keeping an eye on you. Robbers will steal your phone or laptop and the gold you wear in your ears from the window. A similar case has come to light in GRP police station of Khandwa. Here the young man snatched the woman’s mobile from the train window standing on the platform and ran away.
MP Crime News: Gang rape of wife by holding husband hostage at Mungawali railway station in Ashoknagar, fake policeman accused
If you are traveling in a train and have a mobile in your hand, then be careful. Otherwise, someone may steal your mobile. Actually, a woman was going from Lucknow to Mumbai with her family. Meanwhile, when the train stopped at platform number two of Khandwa station, a vicious criminal put his hand through the train window and snatched the mobile phone from the woman. This entire incident was captured in the CCTV installed at the station.

The woman reached Bhusaval station and lodged a complaint about this entire incident at the GRP police station. Bhusaval Railway Police informed Khandwa GRP Police as the matter was in Khandwa. Khandwa’s GRP police was investigating the case when the accused again tried to commit a similar incident but this time he was caught by the police.
Kidnapped after being called from Bihar on the pretext of job, took ransom of three lakh rupees from the family, saved life by running away on the pretext of urine
GRP TI Parihar told that on November 21, when Pushpak Express was stopped on the platform, the unknown accused put his hand through the window and took away the mobile phone from the woman. The woman reached Bhusawal and reported the entire matter to the GRP police station. When information came to us from there, we scanned the CCTV footage. After that, the GRP team together with the RPF kept an eye on the suspects.

The accused once again reached the station wearing the same dress. When he became suspicious and interrogated him, he confessed to his crime. The accused told that he had sold the stolen mobile to a person. The person who bought the stolen mobile has also been made an accused in this case. Both the accused are in police custody. GRP said that the accused has confessed to one more incident, in which he had committed the incident near Bhusaval in an AC coach.
Gwalior News: Quick to become super rich, government employed coaching teacher becomes master of crime, disciple also along with him
We have given information about this incident to Bhusaval police. He will take action on that. GRP said that the main accused Amit is a resident of Sanjay Nagar of Khandwa. The person to whom the mobile was sold is also a resident of Sanjay Nagar. Both are being arrested and presented in the court.

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