Wednesday, May 31st, 2023

Khalistan India Britain: Khalistani, Pakistani… Britain is becoming a stronghold of India’s enemies, know how big the danger is

London: Britain is continuously becoming a stronghold of India’s enemies. Britain, which broke India in 1947, seems to be giving shelter to every force that is against India. In the name of freedom of speech, Britain is giving shelter to the Khalistani ideology which constantly seems to be working against India at the behest of Pakistan. The attack by Khalistanis on the Indian High Commission in London on Sunday evening is a small sample of this. There was an attempt to remove the tricolor on the Indian High Commission in London and put the flag of Khalistan, but the officials stopped it.

This type of incident has been seen in Punjab amidst the crackdown on pro-Khalistan leader Amritpal Singh. Images of broken windows of the India House building and people climbing onto the building are being shared on social media. It is also seen in this video that an Indian officer threw away the Khalistani flag. The Metropolitan Police say two security staff have suffered minor injuries. At the same time, a protest has been lodged on behalf of India, after which the investigation has been started.

Indians were attacked

This incident also raises questions on the security of the High Commission of India in Britain. The incident comes at a time when the United Kingdom government’s counter-terrorism plan was reviewed about a month ago. In this, warnings were given about the lies being spread by active pro-Khalistan groups. In November 2022, India expressed serious concern to the UK that it was allowing Sikhs for Justice to conduct a referendum on the secession of Punjab. Apart from this, in 2022 itself, people of Pakistani origin attacked Indians and especially Hindus after the defeat of a cricket match in Leicester, UK. A temple was also targeted and during this the UK police remained mute spectators.

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Britain is nurturing anti-India Pakistanis

In January 2018, pro-India and anti-India protesters came face to face outside India House. On the occasion of India’s Republic Day, Pakistanis and Khalistanis performed together here. The demonstration was led by Nazir Ahmed of Pakistani origin. Nazir Ahmed has been a supporter of former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan. Imran Khan wanted to make him/her the chairman of the Kashmir Committee. Nazir was also made a member of the House of Lords. Nazir’s career was cut short after anti-Semitic protests and he/she was suspended by the Labor Party in 2013. In 2022, it was found guilty of rape. In 2018, the Indian High Commission on the protest had said that it was a desperate attempt on the part of a discredited politician.

India protested

The hand of Avtar Singh Khanda, who took refuge in Britain, is being told behind the protest on Sunday. Britain has been told earlier also from India that it takes a very soft stand against its enemies. In 2019, there were demonstrations in Britain against CAA as well. India summoned the British Deputy High Commissioner on Sunday night after a video of Khalistani protests surfaced on social media. India has sought an explanation for the lack of security. Top British officials say that they will take the security of the Indian High Commission seriously from now on. However, to respond to the Khalistani protesters, India has put up a huge tricolor on the High Commission.

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