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Keshav turned lover to killer: After the breakup, ‘Chirag’ of the house became a drug addict, whoever did not pay the money, killed him

The incident that took place in West Delhi’s Palam area on Tuesday night has not only shocked the people of the area but has shaken the entire capital. The brutal manner in which Keshav has killed his parents, sister and grandmother by slitting their throats, everyone is forced to think that how can someone do such a cruel thing to himself. Shraddha Walkar murder case is already in headlines in Delhi and now this case has troubled everyone. At the same time, different things are coming to the fore regarding Keshav. It is being told that he was a drug addict and killed them all for money. At the same time, another thing is coming to the fore that the accused Keshav had a breakup recently and due to this he started getting more intoxicated.

Was upset after the breakup

The dead include Keshav’s grandmother Dewano Devi, father Dinesh, mother Darshan and sister Urvashi. Accused Keshav was doing job some time ago, after that he also lost his job. He used to quarrel with his family members over his drug addiction, Keshav used to abuse him. He was fed up with this daily quarrel. Then on the other hand, due to the breakup with his girlfriend, he was getting very upset. It is believed that due to all these reasons, Keshav got angry and executed the incident.

The family had brought Keshav from the de-addiction center

Police has arrested Keshav, accused of murder. Initial investigation has revealed that Keshav is addicted to drugs and he was demanding money from his relatives for this. When the family members refused to give the money, he conspired to kill the family members. The family members lived on different floors, so he went to different floors and killed them all. The accused was admitted to the de-addiction center, the relatives had recently brought him from the de-addiction center.

Blood was spread from the bedroom to the bathroom

According to police officials, at around 11:30 pm on Tuesday night, it was reported that there was a sound of screaming in the upper floor. When the police reached the spot, blood was scattered all around and all the four people were lying in a bloody condition. The young man killed his sister in the room, her dead body was lying there on the floor. Grandma’s body was found on the bed in the room. The bodies of the parents were found there in the bathroom. Blood is spread inside the house from the bedroom to the bathroom.

Those who refused to give money, they were killed

Accused Keshav was intoxicated for a long time. He used to smoke ganja. He used to ask for money from his family members every day. Even at night, he first asked grandmother for money. When the grandmother did not give the money, he killed the grandmother by stabbing her on the second floor. After this he asked his mother. When the mother refused to give the money, then she killed the mother. After this he killed the father and then lastly the younger sister Urvashi. The accused was on the run after committing the murder. On hearing the screams, the uncle who lives in the neighborhood came and caught the accused running away.

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