Saturday, September 23rd, 2023

Kenya Cult Death: Dreamed of meeting Jesus, 47 people starve to death at the behest of a Christian priest, world shocked

Nairobi:Kenya’s police have removed dozens of bodies from a cemetery located in the east of the country amid an investigation into the followers of the Christian sect. These bodies belong to people who believed that if they put themselves to death, they would go to heaven. According to media reports on Sunday, according to the information provided by the authorities, the number of bodies retrieved so far is 47. The land on which these dead bodies were found is owned by a priest. The pastor has been arrested for inciting his/her followers to fast unto death.

More graves to be excavated
Malindi sub-county police chief John Kemboi said more graves were yet to be dug on Pastor Paul McKenzie’s land. Pastor Paul McKenzie was arrested on 14 April in connection with occult activities. In this case the total number of dead may increase. Last week, four people died of starvation at the Good News International Church. Police have asked the court to allow them to keep McKenzie in custody for longer as the investigation into the death of one of his/her followers continues.

Police told massacre
The police had found the first body last week. After this he/she started a campaign to find the rest of the bodies. Digging began on Friday to search for the bodies in 325 hectares (800 acres) of forest in Shakhola, near Malindi in Kilifi County. Kenya’s Interior Minister Kithure Kindiki had said he/she would visit the site on Tuesday. In a tweet on Sunday, he/she referred to the dead bodies found after the operation as ‘Shakahola Jungle Massacre’. This whole matter has surprised everyone.

promise to meet god

Malindi sub-county police chief John Kemboi said more graves would be dug at the land owned by pastor and cult leader Paul McKenzie. Kenya’s NTV channel has reported that McKenzie has started a hunger strike in jail after being arrested. Police said that the 15 rescued worshipers were asked to starve themselves so that they could meet their creator i.e. God. Four of them died before reaching the hospital.

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Refusal to take first aid
Hussain Khalid, a member of the Haqi Africa group, said a member of the church refused to eat despite being in pain. It is the same organization that informed the police about the operation going on in the church. According to Khalid, when the member was brought there, he/she refused to take first aid. She tightly shut her mouth, basically refusing to help as she wanted to continue her fast. Khalid said he/she believed some members of the church were still hiding from authorities in a nearby forest.

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