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Keep these things in mind while shopping online, otherwise you can be a victim of fraud

Photo:India TV Keep these things in mind while shopping online


  • Read full offer
  • Keep an eye on term & condition
  • The identity of the seller guarantees the same

Online Shopping: The festival season is about to begin. on the 11th Rakshabandhan Is. Between 5th to 10th Flipkart And Amazon The sale is going on and different e-commerce websites are offering offers. Lots of discounts are also available. If you forget to be careful while saving a little money, then you may have to bear the loss. What things should be kept in mind while buying goods online, today we will tell you.

Read full offer

Shopping sites offer up to 80% discount to entice customers. Sometimes cashback of thousands of rupees is also available. In such a situation, if you place the same order without reading that offer carefully, then you may have to pay a higher amount. Actually these companies are written ‘Up To’ with discount. Suppose you are getting UPTO70% discount on any cloth, then it means that you will get a discount of up to 70%. Now it can be anything below 70%.

Keep an eye on term & condition

In the interest of huge discounts and more cashback, companies are also giving term & condition along with the product. If you place an order without knowing the condition, you may incur a loss. For example, suppose the company has told you that if you make your payment with Kotak Bank’s credit card, then you will get a discount of 2000, but you pay through UPI. In such a situation, that offer is not valid for you.

The identity of the seller guarantees the same

You must have noticed many times that if you place two identical orders together, then their delivery dates are different. You are ordering from Flipkart and you have ordered both the products at the same time, then the delivery time should be same. The reason behind this not happening is that sellers are not the same. Nor is the company that you buy the goods from. In such a situation, when you order the same, then keep in mind that how is the seller’s review? Once you read the feedback about that seller. That will give a good idea about the quality of the same. You will also be saved from being a victim of any fraud.

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