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Keep these things in mind while buying Second Hand Mobile, there will be no loss, you will get cheap and good phone


Some people buy old mobiles to fulfill their hobby of using expensive phones.
Many times buying secondhand proves to be an expensive deal for you.
By taking some precautions, you can buy a good and cheap second hand phone.

New Delhi. Many people want to buy expensive and flagship smartphones, but due to being out of budget, they are unable to buy them. In such a situation, people buy second hand mobiles to fulfill their grief of using expensive phones, but many times in the enthusiasm of getting their favorite mobile, people commit some such mistakes which cost them dearly. Due to these mistakes many times they get hit hard. However, you can avoid losses later by taking a little care while buying an old phone.

If you are also fond of using expensive phones and are planning to buy an old phone to fulfill your hobby, then today we are going to tell you some such tips, which will not only help you in buying a better device but also , will also save you from other damages. So let us now tell you about these tricks.

call before buy
When you are buying used and second hand phones, you are getting your favorite mobile phone at a very low price. In such a situation, your happiness and enthusiasm is on the seventh sky. In such a situation, we can see the phone from outside but do not check it by operating it, which would cause a lot of damage later.

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That’s why whenever you buy a used phone, run that phone continuously for at least 15 minutes. With this you will get to know about the phone’s processing power, frame rate, touch screen, hanging problem and battery hitting and camera performance etc.

Have a personal meeting with the phone seller
If you are going to buy any used phone, then try to meet the phone seller face to face and both of them also know each other’s residential location. Actually, many times the claims made while selling the phone prove to be wrong. In such a situation, the claim of the seller of the phone can be thoroughly checked through a personal meeting.

Check Ports and Parts
In a hurry to buy the phone, we see the phone from outside, check whether it looks clean or not and there is no scratch on the screen. On the other hand, if there are not many bruises on the body of the phone, then even better. In such a situation, by looking at the external look, you often do not pay attention to things like port, mic, speaker and camera lens, while using the phone, they prove to be very useful and if they do not work properly, they will give you enough time to use the phone. There will be problem. So check them properly.

Do not forget to take the invoice bill
While buying a second hand smartphone, do not forget to take its invoice bill and retail box of the phone. If the seller of the phone claims that the bill or box is damaged or lost, then take a video proof of his statement and if you are getting the bill, then check the IMEI number present in the bill and the IMEI number of the phone. You can dial *#06# from the phone to know the IMEI of the phone.

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