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Keep these things in mind before getting a driving license, you will not fail in the test

Photo: CANVA Important things to know before driving license test

Driving License: If you think you have learned driving and are now all set to take the license test, then hold on. Driving license test is not that easy that just you can drive the car and you will get your license. Yes, but not so difficult that you have to worry a lot for this. There are just some small things, which you take care of at the time of the test, then you can easily get the driving license.

Learning license will be prepared first

The driving license test takes place in two phases. The first test is for learning and the second phase is the drive test. You can also apply online for learning license test.

Now you will get a slot for learning license. In that slot you have to go with your documents. Your age proof, address proof and valid photo must be included in these documents. For this, you can take Aadhaar card, electricity bill and birth certificate along with you. Along with this, you will also have to carry Medical Certificate Form 1A and Physical Fitness Certificate Form 1 along with you. You will also find these easily online. Note that your form can also be canceled if the documents are incomplete, so keep the paper complete.

Knowledge of traffic rules is essential

After completing the paper, you should know about the traffic rules very well because you will be asked 15 questions related to it and you will get just 30 seconds to answer each question correctly. In this 30 seconds time you have to choose one answer from 4 options. Your test will be considered pass only if you have at least 9 correct answers, so do prepare and go.

trust your eyes

After the theory test, now comes the number of your eyetesting, but don’t worry, in this your eyes will have to read just a few numbers, but these numbers will be written with some other similar color in the middle of some colorful bubbles. This is called color vision test. Even if you wear glasses, there is no problem, you can pass this test with glasses. By the way, if you want, you can also practice it online.

Now prepare for driving

Once you pass the learning license test, you get 30 days. You get this time to learn the car. But even if you have already known how to drive a car, take special care of these things while applying for a permanent license after 30 days and do some other things as well. As:

  • While getting into the car, make sure that no one is around.
  • Wear seat belt as soon as you sit in the car.
  • In most of the tests, the car is asked to go round and round, in this case, first give the indicator of the direction you are asked to turn, then blow the horn once and then turn.
  • Do not over-accelerate the car.
  • Instead of driving rash, drive smooth.

Keeping all these things in mind, the chances of failing in your license test are negligible.

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