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Saturday, July 20th, 2024

Kartik Aaryan’s mother exposed her son on Kapil’s show, said- he/she got her to study engineering by beating her

Next on OTT’s ‘The Great Indian Kapil Show’ is Kartik Aaryan, who has come to this show with his/her mother Mala Tiwari. The promo video of this show has surfaced in which Kartik’s mother has teased him/her a lot. This upcoming show on OTT is going to be very special because this season of the show is going to end with this episode and that is why this episode of ‘The Great Indian Kapil Show’ is in a lot of discussion.

In this new promo video, Kapil Sharma is seen welcoming Karthik and his/her mother on the finale episode. In this video, Karthik is saying- I have never been so nervous as I am today. At the same time, his/her mother says that whatever I will say today, I will speak the truth, I will not say anything except the truth. In this promo, Karthik’s mother is seen counting his/her shortcomings one by one in front of Kapil. She tells that Karthik is very stubborn. Kapil Sharma asks whether he/she has really done engineering or not? On this, Karthik’s mother says- I got it done by beating him/her.

Karthik’s mother taught a lesson to her son

On this, Kartik tells his/her mother to say something positive. After this, some girls also come to Kapil’s set who call themselves doctors by profession. Actually, Kartik’s mother wants a doctor daughter-in-law for her son’s marriage.

Kapil teased Karthik’s parents

After this, Kapil is seen teasing Kartik’s mother and father and says- I am thinking that those who spy on their son so much, what would Doctor Sahab (Kartik’s father) have done to you? People have said a lot of things after watching this promo. They have said- Mala aunty rocked Kartik shocked.

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