Monday, March 27th, 2023

Karnataka Hijab Controversy: Pakistan summons Indian Ambassador on Karnataka Hijab controversy, got a befitting reply

Islamabad:Karnataka Hijab Controversy Foreign Ministry of Pakistan on (Karnataka Hijab Row) (Pakistan on Karnataka Hijab Row) summoned the Indian Ambassador to Islamabad. The Pakistani Ministry of Karnataka’s Hijab Controversy (Karnataka Hijab News) but lodged a serious concern with the Indian diplomat. Pakistan bans Muslim girl students from wearing hijab in KarnatakaKarnataka Hijab Controversy) was condemned. On this, India’s senior diplomat, Indian Charge d’ Affairs Suresh Kumar in Islamabad, has given a befitting reply, categorically rejecting the allegations of Pakistan. Earlier, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry and opposition leader Maryam Nawaz tried to incite the hijab controversy by targeting India.

Indian diplomat gave a befitting reply to Pakistan
According to the India Today report, Indian diplomat Suresh Kumar rejected all allegations of Pakistan saying that India is a secular country. Everything in India is done according to a certain process. Giving advice to Islamabad, he said that Pakistan should first look at its own track record. In fact, tremendous atrocities are being perpetrated on religious minorities in Pakistan. Reports of many international organizations have also mentioned atrocities on religious minorities in Pakistan. There are incidents of attacks on Hindu temples, vandalism of idols of gods and goddesses in Pakistan. A large number of Hindu and Christian girls are abducted and forced to convert.

Karnataka Hijab Row Pakistan: Pakistani leader, Maryam Nawaz changed profile picture to incite the issue of hijab
Pakistan issued statement on hijab controversy
Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying, “Charge d’affaires of India is requested to apprise the Government of India of Pakistan’s extreme concern over the anti-hijab campaign being carried out by the RSS-BJP alliance in Karnataka.” Pakistan alleged that this was being done to defame Muslim women. Nearly two years after Pakistan also claimed before an Indian diplomat that 50 Muslims were killed in the February 2020 Delhi riots, religious intolerance, negative stereotypes and discrimination against Muslims continue unabated.

Advice given to India not to look at itself
The statement said that the Indian government should ensure the safety of Muslim women in India. Pakistan, instead of peeping at its own back, exhorted the Indian government to take action against the perpetrators of atrocities on women in Karnataka, and take adequate measures to ensure the safety and welfare of Muslim women. .

Hijab Row Pakistan: Pakistan plunged into hijab controversy, Imran Khan’s minister’s toxic words, ‘the situation in Modi’s rule is terrible’
Pak foreign minister spews poison
Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi tweeted that denying education to Muslim girls is a violation of their human rights. To deprive someone of any such fundamental right and persecute them for wearing the hijab is oppressive. The world must understand that this is part of the Indian government’s plan to suppress Muslims. Earlier, Imran Khan government’s Information Minister Fawad Chaudhary had given poisonous statements about PM Modi and India.

Pakistan On Hijab Row: Pakistan jumping into hijab controversy, summoning Indian diplomat and expressing ‘concern’
Pak Information Minister said ‘Allah Hu Akbar’
Pakistan’s Information and Broadcasting Minister Fawad Chaudhry tweeted, “What is happening in Modi’s India is scary. Indian society is going from super speed to collapse under unstable leadership. Wearing a hijab like any other dress is a matter of personal preference. Citizens should be given the right to take their own decisions freely. Allah hu Akbar.’


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