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‘Jungle Raj’ in Rajasthan: In old enmity, miscreants attacked the youth with a sword, beat up the person who came to save him

Arjun Arvind, Kota
There is a ‘jungle raj’ of miscreants in Rajasthan state. The miscreants are openly attacking with the sword. By doing such incidents in the populated area, the miscreants are spreading panic among the general public. About half a dozen miscreants attacked a person with swords, iron pipes and sticks in Jhalarapatan town of Jhalawar district over an old enmity a year ago.

According to the information received, the miscreants attacked a youth named Sagar Qureshi, a resident of Jhalarapatan. He ran and beat him on the way and bled him with a sword. To save his life from the attack of the gang of badmasons, the youth entered a shop, then the miscreants killed him there too. The entire incident was captured on CCTV, after which the pictures of the incident are going viral on social media.

The miscreants also beat up the person who came to save the young man
Sagar Qureshi, on whom the miscreants attacked and injured him, even the miscreants did not spare the youth who came to save him. The miscreants also thrashed him fiercely. The names of Ravi, Kaushal and Sheikh have come to the fore among the attackers. The names of the rest of the miscreants have not been revealed.

The accused will be arrested soon: IPS
Here, IPS Amit Budania has told NBT that the police have started searching for the attackers by registering a case against them under various sections. Budania said that the quarrel was over an old enmity. The criminals will be detained soon.

crook with sword in hand


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