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Joshimath Is Sinking: The future of Joshimath will depend on the report of eight scientific institutions, the situation is changing daily


In Joshimath, the situation is changing everyday after about 20 days have passed between the fresh landslides. The state government is taking decisions according to the changing circumstances. The government is awaiting the final report of the eight scientific institutes. The future of Joshimath will be decided on the basis of this report. Broadly, Amar Ujala has investigated the work of these eight agencies. Here is the report:-

CBRI working as nodal agency

Central Building Research Institute, Roorkee (CBRI) has been made the nodal agency by the government. Along with its work, it will study the reports of all other agencies and along with giving the report, it will work to coordinate with the government.

Marking of unsafe buildings in Joshimath, monitoring by installing crack meters in buildings with cracks and demolishing unsafe buildings is being done under the supervision of scientists of the institute. Apart from this, pre-fabricated model buildings for temporary rehabilitation are also being constructed under the supervision of the institute by its nominated agency. A team of 30 engineers is working at Joshimath under the supervision of five scientists of the institute. The institute has to submit its preliminary report in three weeks.

Whether Joshimath will be rebuilt or not, Wadia’s report is important

Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology is carrying out seismology geophysical investigations as well as geophysical surveys at Joshmeet. Three seismic testing stations have been set up here by the institute to detect seismic movements. Apart from this, the team of seven scientists of the institute is continuously working on ground zero. Till now the work of two geophysical profiles has been completed by this team. Whose data exploration is now being done in the lab. After receiving the report of the institute, it will be easier for the government to take a decision whether to rebuild or not. The institute has to submit its preliminary report in two weeks and final report in two months.

IIT Roorkee will tell how much load Joshimath’s land can bear

Geotechnical survey is being done in Joshimath by IIT Roorkee. In this study, the scientists of the institute will find out what is the condition of soil and stones in the geology of Joshimath. What is its load capacity? How much burden can be put on him. Overall, when it comes to light whether new buildings are to be constructed in the affected areas or not, old buildings are to be repaired or not, then the IIT report will be important.

NGRI is tracing the routes of water flowing inside the ground

A team of 10 scientists from NGRI, Hyderabad will do the work of subsurface physical mapping. Through geophysical and geotechnical survey, a geological map of 30 to 50 meters depth will be prepared in Joshimath. This will help in understanding the water deposition and soil structure.

The team is using MASW (Multi-Channel Analysis of Surface Wave) system to measure soil thickness. Apart from this, the team will use ‘Ground Penetrating Radar’ (radar to detect the position of the ground floor) to detect minor cracks and small amounts of water deposits in the soil below the ground. With this, the reservoir of water present inside the ground, its source and the way of flowing will be known. The institute has to submit its preliminary report in two weeks and its final report in three weeks to the government.

NIH will prepare a map of Joshimath’s surface and underground water

The team of National Institute of Hydrology (NIH) is conducting hydrological survey in Joshimath. The team of the institute will prepare a complete map of water flowing on the surface and underground on a land here. NIH will complete this work in collaboration with NGRI. After getting the report of the institute, it will be known what is the condition of water there and what could be the danger in future. Apart from this, the samples of water are also being examined by the institute, so that it can be ascertained from where the sources of water suddenly erupted and what elements are present in that water.

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