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Jobs at risk from ChatGPT’s revolution! These jobs will end gradually, know why this fear is haunting?


In just 2 months, the number of its active users reached 100 million.
There is a possibility of threat to the jobs of some sectors in future due to ChatGPT.
Experts said – there is a need to get out of the thinking that robots are taking the jobs of humans.

New Delhi. With the increasing prevalence of artificial intelligence and new discoveries around the world, many tasks are becoming easier. meanwhile Chat GPT The arrival of has created a buzz. Equipped with AI technology ‘Chatbot ChatGPT’ Launched in November last year, the number of active users reached 100 million in just 2 months, making it the fastest growing consumer application in the history of the Internet. Despite such tremendous popularity and success, there has been a stir about ChatGPT. Because it is believed that due to this many jobs are at risk.

ChatGPT has emerged as a threat to some jobs related to technology, media, legal, market research, teachers, customer care service, graphic designers, finance jobs and stock market. At present, there is not so much danger on the job market as the apprehension about the future has been expressed. Actually ChatGPT has some limitations.

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What is ChatGPT after all?
chatgpt (Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer) The application is such a machine learning system, which gives results by doing research on the basis of data. However, it does not have common sense like humans and it generates samples only on the basis of existing data. Since it will develop rapidly in the coming times, many jobs may be at risk.

According to the World Economic Forum report, 97 million new jobs will be created by 2025 due to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation. Meanwhile, there are growing fears that ChatGPT’s AI being able to respond to prompts and questions in a very human-like manner and in record time could threaten the job market. However, a global advisory firm says that there is a need to get out of the thinking that robots are taking human jobs.

Computer did not take away jobs, then why be afraid of ChatGPT?
At one time, when the use of computers started increasing, apprehensions were expressed that it would eat up many jobs, but this did not happen at all. Rather the computer made our work easier. Well, similarly ChatGPT can also be a useful and time-saving tool for us. However, this will only make a difference to those who will not develop their skills. Many experts said, “The way forward will be easier with the help of man and machine.”

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