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Japan US Relations: Japan no longer trusts America! Why is Tokyo doubting Washington?

Tokyo: Japan is the only country in the world that has ever suffered a nuclear attack. When America made its nuclear weapon, it dropped it on Japan itself. Japan’s relations with America remained good even after suffering destruction in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But now it is believed that the world can see a change in these relations. Japan has decided that it will invest heavily in long-range weapons and military capabilities. His decision is enough to tell in which direction he is going to take the change. This can also have a direct impact on its relations with America.

Preparation for the purchase of many weapons
Japan’s Defense Ministry has released a long list of equipment and weapons. Japan says that these equipment and weapons will be purchased for research and development. Its purpose is to face the threats from China, North Korea and Russia. According to the plan prepared by Japan, it will research and develop hypersonic weapons. In addition, it will also develop high-speed glide bombs, an improved version of the Type 03 missile, target-piercing weapons as well as underwater vehicles and underwater targets.China on target! India ‘shining’ its nuclear bombs, claims in US report
developing abilities

Japan also plans to buy UAVs, Type 12 anti-ship missiles, glide bombs and SH-60K anti-submarine helicopters. Apart from this, Japan is also planning to buy anti-ship missiles, torpedoes with silent power units and Tomahawk cruise missiles for patrolling the sea. It is clear from this purchase of Japan that it now strategically wants independence from America.

At the same time, it also wants to build asymmetric warfare capability to deal with China. Japan’s plan to buy hypersonic weapons, high-speed glide bombs and anti-ship missiles for maritime patrol aircraft is enough to show how it wants to develop independent indigenous capabilities independent of security guarantees from the US Has moved towards doing.

Japan suspects America
Japan has been living under the nuclear shadow of America since 1951. But he doubts that America will use nuclear weapons to protect him. Japanese defense expert Takahashi Kosuke quoted Admiral (retired) Kawano Katsutoshi as saying that every four years the people of America participate in the presidential elections. It also raises questions about America’s capabilities and credibility for America’s allies during these elections. In such a situation, there is doubt about whether the same old strategic logic will be given to Japan from America.

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