Monday, February 6th, 2023

Japan Philippines News: Japanese fighter jets land in Philippines for the first time after World War II, befitting reply to China-Russia

Tokyo: After the bombers of China and Russia landed on each other’s land for the first time, now the Japanese Air Force has also demonstrated its power. For the first time since World War II, Japanese fighter jets have landed in the Philippines. It is being told that this has been done as part of an effort to increase cooperation between the Air Force of Japan and the Air Force of the Philippines. According to media reports, 2 Japanese F-15 fighter jets landed at the Clark airbase in the Philippines where 60 Japanese Airforce personnel are present.

A mutual defense cooperation program is underway between the Air Force of Japan and the Philippines from 27 November to 11 December. Its purpose is to promote mutual understanding between the two armies. Squadron Commanding Officer of the Japanese Air Force, Lt. Col. Shotaro Arisawa, said that the arrival of Japanese fighter jets in the Philippines is a milestone in the history of defense exchanges. Colonel Leo Fontanilla of the Philippines Air Force said that it will continue the friendship with the Japanese Air Force even further.
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Japanese fighter jet arrived for the first time since World War II

Colonel Liao said that we will further enhance our friendship and partnership with the Japanese Air Force so that both air forces can effectively and efficiently maintain peace and stability in the region. Meanwhile, the Japanese Airforce has said that apart from two F-15 fighter jets, an air refueller and a transport aircraft have also been sent to the air base in the Philippines. At the same time, Lieutenant General Connor Anthony Kanlas, Commanding General of the Philippines Air Force, said last month that for the first time since World War II, we are going to welcome Japanese fighter jets on our land.

General Connor said that the Japanese military is now our ally who believes in the rule of law. In fact, during World War II, Japan occupied the Philippines for about 3 years. The Japanese Air Force used Philippines air bases for suicide attacks on American soldiers. Japan’s fighter jets have arrived in the Philippines at a time when China’s aggression in the South China Sea is increasing. Not only this, now Russia is also flying fighter jets and bombers in collaboration with China. This is the reason why the Philippines and Japan are increasing their defense cooperation.

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