Tuesday, December 5th, 2023

ITI courses not getting admission for 2 years will be closed

Kaithal, July 5 (HP)
Courses in government and private ITIs in which admission is not being done for 2 years will be closed. The Directorate General has started the process of de-affiliating such courses. Thousands of business units of state and private ITIs running in the country will be included in this category. Government and private ITI operators have been stirred by these orders of the directorate. On behalf of the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Government of India, a letter has been issued to all the ITI heads of the country, ordering that if no one has been enrolled in any course being run in any government or private ITI for 2 years. Those courses will be de-affiliated by the Directorate General of Training. As per its procedure, the Directorate General had issued a letter and ordered all the heads of all state and private ITIs to report by July 3 that anyone can register their objection regarding this.
It is noteworthy that hundreds of courses were being run in this way in government and private ITIs of the state, in which admission was not done for the last two years. Later, after two or three years, these courses were run again when the students were enrolled. Most of the private ITI operators were taking advantage of this. They used to enroll in courses whenever they wanted and did not do so whenever they wanted, but now with these orders of the department, the arbitrariness of ITI heads will be stopped and those courses which are not admitted for two years will be de-affiliated.
All Courses Conducted in Kaithal ITI
District Nodal Officer of ITI Satish Machhal told that the information was sought by the directorate. No course comes under this category in ITI, Kaithal. Students are taking admission in all the courses in large numbers.

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