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It will not take long to spoil if you are using your fridge like this

over or under stocking in the fridge

In the summer days, the goods do not spoil quickly, so most people stuff all the vegetables, fruits and other food items in the fridge as soon as they return from the market. But you will not believe, but this habit of yours spoils your refrigerator.

Actually, the air in the fridge is not able to circulate properly due to overcrowding. Due to which the compressor and condenser coils have to work harder to keep the inside temperature cool. Due to which it starts overheating.

On the other hand, on the contrary, even if the fridge is left empty, it starts getting spoiled. Even in this situation, the refrigerator has to work harder to keep the inside temperature normal.

not cleaning the coils

not cleaning the coils

Usually people clean only the inside of the fridge, and leave the rest of the parts as is. Especially the condenser coils being dirty for a long time can cause serious damage to your refrigerator. This can also cause your fridge to stop cooling. Not only this, the power consumption of the fridge also increases due to this. Hence cleaning of coils at least once in a year is considered necessary.

not storing leftover food properly

not storing leftover food properly

More food is left in summer. In such a situation, most of the people adjust it in the fridge by filling it in utensils. Sometimes in a hurry, even hot food is kept in the fridge and goes away. Doing this works to spoil your fridge quickly.

Due to not storing the food items properly in the fridge, there is a fear of them falling. Also, their temperature also affects the functionality of the fridge.

wall mount fridge

wall mount fridge

Have you also kept your fridge completely glued to the wall? If so, slide it out of there immediately. Because the fridge needs the right amount of air around it. If this does not happen, there is a problem in cooling the fridge. And its parts get damaged by overheating.

keeping the fridge door open for a long time

keeping the fridge door open for a long time

The fridge is opened and closed several times a day during the summer season. Also, many times we stand by opening the fridge gate to enjoy its coolness. This is a very small thing for many people, but by doing this the fridge starts to deteriorate very quickly.

Actually, immediately after the cold air comes out in large quantities, the fridge has to work harder to maintain the inside temperature. Due to which it gets damaged due to excessive load.

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