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It is not a difficult task to make black lips pink, just include these 3 things in the diet

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How to make dark lips pink: If the color of your lips is black, then it is a sign that there is a lack of blood in your body. Apart from this, this problem can also increase due to lack of hydration. In such a situation, including some things in the diet can help in removing the blackness of your lips. So, let’s know which are the things whose consumption can increase the color of your black lips.

Eat these foods to make black lips pink – Foods to lighten my dark lips naturally

1. Eat 1 pomegranate daily

Eating one pomegranate daily can fill you with iron, which can remove anemia in your body. Apart from this, you can also drink pomegranate juice. So, take 1 pomegranate, prepare its juice and then consume it. Apart from this, you can clean your lips by making a pomegranate scrub and make your lips pink.


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This spice is beneficial in high BP, the nerves get relief only by consuming it.

2. Drink Beetroot juice

Drinking beetroot juice is helpful in increasing the color of your dark lips. Along with bringing energy to your body, this juice is also helpful in increasing blood in the body. So, eat 1 beetroot daily. You can eat it in the form of salad or eat it by making soup, but definitely eat 1 beetroot daily. It will change the color of your lips.

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3. Drink tomato juice

Drinking tomato juice can help in making your dark lips pink. Actually, tomato juice can increase the amount of blood in your body and make your lips pink. Apart from this, you can also clean your lips by making a scrub of it. If you do not want to drink its juice, you can also eat it in this salad.

So, for all these reasons, you should include these foods in your diet. These are beneficial for your health in many ways, as well as can enhance your beauty.

(This article is for general information, before adopting any remedy must consult a doctor)

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