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It is felt in the breast after feeding the child, so you can get relief now with home remedies

Do you also feel a tingling or tingling sensation in your breasts? If yes, then you must know why this happens. Doctors say that during pregnancy, a woman’s body starts changing to handle the growing baby. The most important part of a woman’s body that needs to be groomed is the breast. After delivery, the baby needs to be breastfed several times a day. Therefore the hormones of the brain and the milk ducts have to work round the clock to provide enough milk to your baby. This process starts before the baby is born and can continue during breastfeeding.

However, for some reason Breastfeeding During pregnancy, women start to feel tingling in the breasts. Sometimes tingling and tingling sensation may also occur due to less milk. If you are also struggling with this problem, then here you can know how to deal with it.

what are the reasons

Let down reflex: During breastfeeding, mothers feel tingling in the breasts, which also goes away very quickly. However, this feeling can sometimes be painful. This is the feeling that comes from going down the milk. The love hormone, oxytocin, helps expel milk. Some people have a very strong twitching of the breasts, some feel a tingling before or after feeding, while there are mothers who do not feel anything at all.

other reasons

There is a time when the milk ducts in the breasts get blocked. Due to which milk is not able to come out properly. Sometimes the skin of the nipple even bursts. Clogged milk ducts increase the chances of infection in the breast, causing the breasts to become red. In some cases, the woman even comes to fever. This infection is called mastitis.

At the same time, more milk is produced in the breasts of some women. It can also cause your baby to spit or cough while feeding. This is especially the case with women with let down flexion.

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Thrush is a fungal infection that can arise due to the sweet, warm and moist environment created while sucking on your baby’s breast. This can infect both your nipples. Sometimes they also have pain. If you ever feel that tingling or sensation is happening, then it is very important to talk to the doctor about it.

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home remedies to get rid of tingling in breast

  • Create a regular feeding schedule: Experts say that newborn babies need to be fed every 3 hours, that is, they have to feed at least 8 to 12 times a day. Women need to make a regular feeding schedule so that they do not have to face problems like sensation or tingling.
  • Bake Hot: There is an effect of warmth on raised or infected breasts. Experts recommend taking a warm bath or bath with lukewarm water for this. Soak a towel in warm water and gently place it on the affected area and keep it for five minutes.

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breast massage

Massaging the breasts can help the milk flow through the milk duct. It can also provide relief from tingling in the breasts. Massaging directly from the top of your breast to your nipple is an easy way to reduce tingling.

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when to see the doctor

Tingling during breastfeeding is caused by the let down reflex of milk. It can be managed at home. However, sometimes this tingling can be a bit severe. If you are experiencing symptoms such as change in the size of the nipple, burning in the nipple, redness in the nipple, feeling of pain in the breast or a lump in the breast, then you should contact the doctor immediately.

Disclaimer: The home remedies mentioned here are not a substitute for medical advice and medical treatment.

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