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Istanbul Blast: Istanbul city of Turkey stunned by bomb blast, six killed, 53 injured, search for suspicious woman

Istanbul: An explosion has been seen in a busy area of ​​the city of Istanbul, Turkey. At least six people were killed and 53 were injured in the blast. Turkish officials have confirmed this. Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya said the explosion occurred at 4.20 pm local time on a shopping street in the Taksim Square area. It is believed that this is a bomb blast. The video of the blast has surfaced on social media, in which it is seen that suddenly a fireball is seen on this road full of people.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called the blast an attack and said those responsible would be punished. According to a BBC report, a heavy police force was present around Istiklal Street after the blast. The area was cordoned off. The ambulance has evacuated the injured from here. Helicopters also kept hovering for the security of the area. After this explosion, there was a stir everywhere. People started running after hearing the sound of the blast.

There was also a blast in 2016
Semal Denizci, an eyewitness to the case, said he was 50 meters away when he heard the explosion. According to AFP, he said, ‘I saw three to four people lying on the ground. People panicked and they were running. Black smoke spread everywhere after the blast. The sound was so loud that I could not hear anything for a while. The area where the blast took place is full of shopkeepers. It was also targeted in a suicide attack in 2016.
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searching for suspects
According to media reports, three people are suspects in this attack. The main suspect in this is a woman. President Erdogan has also confirmed this. Officials believe it is linked to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party. According to the information, it left a bag full of explosives on the way. After a few minutes this explosion happened. According to sources, two men were also involved in the blast.
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Security analyst Murat Aslan said, “The area where the attack took place is a crowded area. Extreme care is taken here. Police remain on alert in this area. If you have a bag in your hand in this area that looks suspicious, the police can stop you. But if you look straight, no one will stop you. This is because it is a public place and the police do not stop everyone. Security cameras are plentiful in this area. I think through them leads will be found.’

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